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Sometimes a new car, truck, or SUV just misses the mark. Many vehicles are also subject to a recall at one point or another, especially if it makes it safer. This one Ford SUV has an unbelievable 17 recalls over its decade on the market. What went so wrong with the 2013 Ford Escape sport utility vehicle?

Are there any problems with the 2013 Ford Escape SUV?

The 2013 Ford Escape SUV has more problems than the average vehicle, especially if you as the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. On the official NHTSA page for the 2013 Ford Escape, all 17 recalls are listed. It also lists 2,325 complaints from drivers for a variety of reasons. The electrical system, engine, and “unknown” categories have many listings. Some of the owner’s comments are from as recently as this week, with one commenter noting the transmission went out on the Escape while driving on the freeway.

The 17 recalls cover a variety of issues on the Ford SUV, from unintentional rollaway risks due to a detaching shift cable and even the doors opening while driving. While some problems are minor and repeated, some pose a significant safety risk. Two of the recalls were filed just months after the Escape hit the market and have plagued the SUV ever since.

Does the 2013 Ford Escape have transmission problems?

Transmission problems were quite common for the 2013 Ford Escape SUV. There are 344 complaints for the powertrain specifically, but some drivers likely chose a different component or a more general category. All 17 of the recalls for this Ford SUV are listed below.

NHTSA RecallDate of Recall
Unintentional rollaway due to detached shift cable June 10, 2022
Doors may open while drivingJune 8, 2020
Unintentional rollaway due to detached shift cable June 16, 2018
Doors may unexpectedly openSeptember 6, 2016
Engine wiring splices may cause stallDecember 2, 2015
Airbags may not deploy as intendedSeptember 26, 2014
Engine wiring splices may cause stallAugust 11, 2014
Doors may open while drivingMay 7, 2014
Side curtain rollover air bag deployment delayMay 7, 2014
Welds on seat assemblies may failApril 2, 2014
Engine compartment fuel line may leakNovember 25, 2013
Engine overheating may result in fireNovember 25, 2013
Driver-side child lock may not functionMarch 7, 2013
Overheat may cause fluid leaks resulting in fireDecember 3, 2012
Cup (freeze) plug dislodging September 4, 2012
Engine compartment fuel lineJuly 18, 2012
Pedal package clearance variation July 6, 2012
Ford SUV recalls from the NHTSA | NHTSA

The most pressing issue is the Engine compartment fuel line recall from July 18, 2012. This recall has a “do not drive” notice attached, which Ford urges owners not to drive the 2013 Escape.

The 2013 Ford Escape still has an open investigation

The tail light of a 2013 Ford SUV
A 2013 Ford Escape | Joe Raedle/Getty Images

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration also has a section for current investigations for the Ford SUV. There is one from 2016 for a door latch failure, which prompted a second investigation in 2019. An investigation into the loss of motive power was launched in 2019 and remains open. Another open investigation into pedestrian alert sounds opened on January 27, 2023.

The NHTSA gave the 2013 Ford Escape a four-star overall safety rating initially. It performed well in frontal, side, and rollover crash tests. However, there are better vehicles from the same time that have fewer problems, such as the Buick Enclave and Nissan Murano.


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