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If you are anything like hundreds of thousands of Americans who attempted to get behind the wheel of a Ford Maverick in 2022, you probably ended up empty-handed. The demand for these trucks was so high for 2022 that it was nearly impossible to find a dealer that could order one, let alone see one on a dealer lot.

Here is everything you need to know about just how many Ford Maverick trucks were sold for 2022 and why they ended up selling so well, with no sign of demand waning for these trucks.

How many Ford Mavericks were sold in 2022?

A red 2022 Ford Maverick parked indoors.
2022 Ford Maverick | Bing Guan via Getty Images

According to The Drive, Ford sold 74,370 Ford Mavericks in 2022. With these sales spread out over the whole year, a new Ford Maverick is sold every seven minutes. To put this number in perspective, the midsize Ford Ranger sold only 56,987 units for 2022, and the Hyundai Santa Cruz compact truck competitor sold only 36,480 units for the year.

This means that the Ford Maverick, a brand new vehicle in a newly revived compact truck segment, beat the competition head to head, including the mighty Ford Ranger, which has been a favorite for many truck buyers for years now. For a vehicle to do so well right out of the gate is nearly unheard of in the modern automotive industry.

The Ford Maverick isn’t finished yet

Even though the Ford Maverick sold better than the competition and punched above its weight class for 2022, the sales numbers are bound to increase even more. Supply chain issues meant that not every interested consumer who wanted a Maverick could get one. Almost every Maverick you see on the road today was a truck ordered by a customer at a dealership for later delivery. Those consumers who got their hands on one at a dealership usually got lucky by having an original ordering customer falling out of a deal.

With supply chain issues starting to resolve and Ford stating that they want to make as many components as possible in America, there will be more Ford Mavericks available to the public every year, with 2023 already shaping up to be an exponentially better year in sales for this compact truck.

Why are sales so high for the Ford Maverick?

The Ford Maverick is a vehicle that has changed the landscape for trucks in America. For years now, the only trucks available in America have been full-size or midsize pickup trucks. For most consumers, the only way to own a truck would be to purchase one that is way too big. Despite this craze of trucks being too big, pickup trucks still made up a majority of vehicle sales despite their enormous price tags and fuel economy ratings, leaving a lot to be desired.

The truck entered the market with a sub-$20,000 base model price tag, a hybrid drivetrain that, according to Ford, gets nearly 42 mpg in the city, seating for five passengers, towing options, and of course, that truck bed. For many consumers, the Maverick answered every prayer, and more people than ever are considering a truck as their next daily driver, thanks to Ford. With all of these features at a great price, it is no wonder why the Ford Maverick is the hottest truck in the country right now.


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