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A ford executive revealed that Maverick owners will be welcome to design and 3D print custom accessories. Ford will also release compatible plans designed in-house. Some exciting specifics were mentioned, and there are more to come. The possibilities are endless, and the implications are exciting.

The modular Ford Maverick system for custom accessories

A cup holder attached to the FITS system in A Ford Maverick
3D printed cup holder | Ford

The Ford Maverick includes a dynamic storage solution known as the Ford Integrated Tether System or FITS. On the backside of the Maverick’s center consul sits an unassuming slot. The slot is designed to house a series of accessories meant for storage and organization.

Maverick fans are already excited about the FITS system. Speculation has begun as to other models that could employ the storage solution too. This minor detail is creating a lot of excitement for potential buyers ready to customize their Maverick interior.

Ford has some ideas in mind but opens the floor to custom designs

A red-orange 2022 Ford Maverick 2L-EcoBoost AWD Lariat hybrid pickup truck on a paved road
2022 Ford Maverick 2L-EcoBoost AWD Lariat | Ford

There are several FITS system accessories available directly from Ford. Maverick buyers imply opt for the additional package and receive a variety of interchangeable FITS products. Those with 3D printer access can opt to create the same list of accessories themselves. A Ford executive revealed that new designs are on the way.

On Twitter, Ford Director of Communications Mike Levine said: “With the #FordMaverick FITS (Ford Integrated Tether System) slot, you can 3D print DIY items, including cupholders, a storage bin, a cord organizer, and under-seat storage dividers. More in development!”

Creators have been using 3D printers to create car accessories since the technology was first launched. A quick internet search will turn up table holders, flower pots, and more. Automaker backing makes the process of designing compatible accessories faster and easier.

The implications for the future are exciting

Blue oval Ford logo
Ford Logo | SeongJoon Cho/Bloomberg via Getty Images

3D printing has revolutionized the at-home DIY market. The technology makes it easier than ever before for creators to machine plastic components at home. Then, with some careful geometry, consumers can recreate broken or lost components independently, avoiding the hassle of ordering them from manufacturers.

An automaker encouraging owners to make their own accessories is a new privilege of the post-3D printing world. Releasing proprietary designs to the public to facilitate custom creations hints at an exciting future. Global industries have slowly begun to embrace more open-source philosophies. As these ideas continue to influence consumer products, some exciting shifts could begin to emerge.

At-home 3D printing technology is currently best suited to smaller, light-duty objects. Industrial and laboratory applications have used every material from carbon fiber to edible proteins. Home units will continue to become more affordable and more versatile. It’s entirely likely that car owners will be able to download specifications for parts and print them at home.

The creative accessories that Maverick owners design are sure to be exciting. Owners of vehicles with similar modular systems have already developed innovative and helpful designs for 3D printed accessories. This compact hybrid truck is revolutionary, right down to the homemade cup holders. The relationship between the automotive industry and at-home 3D printing is on an exciting trajectory.


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