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Apparently, Ford has been testing a new version of its compact truck, the Maverick, as spy shots have been seen. This time the Maverick appears to feature dual exhaust tips, which has led to speculation that this compact pickup truck could receive a performance version. While details of what a performance Ford Maverick could look like are vague, we can’t help but hope Ford does choose to give this truck additional horsepower. Especially if it means the return of small, fast trucks.

Maverick truck with dual exhaust spotted

A blue 2022 Maverick tows a trailer. Soon, a Ford Maverick performance truck could be available.
2022 Ford Maverick | Ford

When Ford initially announced the Maverick, it was met with excitement and some skepticism. But, it quickly became clear just how popular this compact pickup truck is when Ford was forced to place a pause on 2022 orders, pushing new Ford Maverick buyers to wait until the 2023 model is released.

The test Maverick that was spotted had plenty of camouflage, but it was not enough to stop journalists and enthusiasts from noticing that there seemed to be some big changes to this truck. It appears that the fenders have been flared, an additional exhaust port added, and what looks to be a heat exchanger. 

Now, the heat exchanger is up for debate. It could be a number of different things, whether it be an intercooler for the turbo, an oil cooler, or even nothing at all. According to Autoblog, the most suspicious thing does seem to be the covered-up wheel wells. Additionally, the test Maverick had covered wheels. This is baffling because Ford could have used one of the Maverick’s current wheel options instead of adding camouflage.

Is a Ford Maverick ST coming?

A Ford Maverick compact truck has items loaded into its bed. As a small pickup truck, it sits on steel wheels.
2022 Ford Maverick | Ford

The Ford brand is not afraid to give the ST treatment to its other vehicles, so it does make sense that a Maverick ST pickup truck could be in the works. Of course, this Maverick could also boast the new Rattler name, that Ford has been adding to other truck models. 

Another, less speed-oriented option would be if Ford made an electric or plug-in hybrid Maverick truck. Changing up the exhaust system may be necessary to add a battery pack. And, Ford has shown that the brand is interested in pursuing electric trucks, which is reflected in the Ford F-150 Lightning, an electric, full-size pickup truck. 

What’s coming for the 2023 Maverick?

A pair of compact truck Ford Maverick models navigate an urban environment.
Ford Maverick | Ford

The Ford Maverick Lariat Is a Small Luxury Pickup Truck

It is still unclear what could be new for the 2023 Maverick, but we hope that a performance version is in the works. There is something special about a small truck that has legitimate power. And while that may go against the basic nature of a pickup truck, you don’t have to be a sports car to offer an engaging and thrilling driving experience. 

Order for the 2023 Maverick are expected to open up at some point in August. Although, prior reports have pointed to this truck being open for order closer to the middle of summer. Either way, a Maverick ST would undoubtedly be a popular model. And like first examples of this truck, it could even sell out quickly.