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Nearly 1.3 million Ford and Lincoln models may have faulty brake lines, according to a NHTSA recall issued on Friday. Affecting both Ford Fusion and Lincoln MKZ models from 2013 to 2018, the recall is just the latest in a string of problems plaguing Ford vehicles dating back to 2021.

2018 Ford Fusion, one of the models affected by the latest Ford recall
2018 Ford Fusion | Ford

About the Ford Fusion brake recall

Both of the models affected by the most recent Ford recall may have issues with leaky brake hoses. If left unchecked, these leaks can result in brake failure, causing safety concerns. While brake hoses are a wear item, the hoses in this case can rupture abruptly. The sudden loss of brake fluid will cause longer stopping distances. So far, Ford reports just one accident resulting from faulty brakes, with no injuries reported.

Interior of the Ford Fusion
Ford Fusion Interior | Ford

Free fix for Ford Fusion and Lincoln MKZ brake recall

Ford indicates that dealers will replace the faulty brake hoses free of charge. Unfortunately, parts for the fix are not yet available. Notification letters will be distributed starting on April 17th, notifying owners of the potential issue. Ford will then send a second letter when parts for the brake recall fix become available.

In addition, says that owners already experiencing brake problems should call their dealer immediately. It indicates that some parts are already available for immediate repairs, but the components needed to fix all affected vehicles won’t be ready for some time. Furthermore, Ford states that only 2% of the vehicles under the recall will have brake hose leaks. That means 24,000 cars could have brake hose leaks, though the company has committed to replacing the components on all models.

The Lincoln MKZ is subject to the latest Ford recall
2017 Lincoln MKZ | Lincoln

The latest news continues a rough stretch for Ford

Already the most-recalled automaker of 2022, the new year hasn’t brought Ford a change of fortune. There has already been nearly a half-dozen recalls for Ford vehicles in the first three months of 2023, totaling nearly 4 million total vehicles.

Some of the brand’s most popular models have been recalled for everything from failing axles to wiper motors. And then there is the ongoing issue of cracked fuel injectors and the resulting under-hood fire hazard.

While some of the issues are mundane, issues like cracked axles, failing brake lines, and fire hazards are massive safety problems plaguing some of Ford’s best sellers. Ford F-150 owners have dealt with three recalls in the past year. Ford Bronco owners have had two major recalls to worry about. And those with Ford Escape and Bronco Sport models have a pair of safety-related recalls to deal with.

Even the brand’s newer models have been called back to dealers, with the Maverick and Mach-E both facing potential safety hazards.

Why are there so many issues at Ford?

It’s hard to say precisely what is affecting Ford production. The issues are wide-ranging, affect models coming from several different factories, and cover everything from powertrain problems to build quality and electrical components.

It could be said that the Dearborn, MI automaker is doing well to address its issues head-on. On the other hand, owners will only put up with so many interruptions before brand loyalty goes out the window.

One thing is for sure though, Ford has a quality control problem that needs to be addressed, and fast.


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