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Recalls happen. Sometimes, manufacturers simply don’t know how a part or some sort of software will hold up in “the field”. Unfortunately, this is the case now, with a massive Ford recall being issued. The recall has affected numerous models in the brand’s lineup. The recall affected a total of 850,000 units. Unfortunately, things only get worse from there. There’s numerous reasons for the recall, varying from critical suspension componentry to electrical issues.

Ford recalls have affected additional models

A white Ford Escape SUV on a road wet from recent rain
A Ford Explorer after the rain | George Rose via Getty Images

As said above, it isn’t just the F-350 that was affected. The massive recall also struck at Ford-owned brand Lincoln. Also recalled was the brand’s Aviator SUV. More specifically, the issue centers around one of the vehicle’s most critical areas: the battery. Unfortunately, the wiring harness that contains the battery cable has been reported to fail. This can cause a host of issues, ranging from unsafe battery operation to symptoms akin to a dead battery. In total, the recall claimed 40,995 Aviator SUVs.

Moreover, the Ford recall has affected a third vehicle in the brand’s lineup. Hit particularly hard was the Blue Oval’s own Explorer SUV. Regrettably, the recall affects 774,696 Explorers. For this particular recall, production years range from 2013-2017. Effectively, the ball joint on these Explorers has been determined to seize up. That’s a big issue. So much so that there have already been allegations of injuries spawning from this recall. Ford says that if drivers are experiencing “a clunk noise or unusual handling” owners should bring their vehicles in immediately.

Certain climates will affect F-350 trucks more

A red Ford F-Series truck plows its way through a rocky stream
2021 F-Series Super Duty | Ford

Now, about the F-350. Thankfully, the recall for these models is the smallest of the three we’ve discussed. Regrettably, it also happens to be on one of the brand’s more popular models. The F-350 recall is centered around the rear axle of the vehicle in this instance. Basically, the rear axle of any vehicle is what the wheels and brakes are attached to. Sounds pretty important, no? Moreover, harsh climates, both hot and cold can make the issue worse.

Obviously, it’s a little more complex than that, but thankfully that’s really all you need to know. Should you have the misfortune of being affected by this recall, you ought to be aware of a few things. First, clicking noises coming from the rear of a vehicle is a good sign something is up. Second, you’ll want to watch out for that “unusual handling” that Ford told Explorer owners to be on the lookout for. In summary, the welds on the rear axle could crack or fail, certainly not an ideal situation.

What to do if you think your vehicle is affected

The tan leather interior of a Ford F-350 truck
2021 F-Series Super Duty | Ford

Contact your local dealer immediately if you believe that your F-350, Aviator, or Explorer is a victim of one of the recalls. You’ll want to set up an appointment as soon as you can, as there have already been some injuries surrounding a few of these recalls. Thankfully, Ford has also said that they will be reaching out to affected owners starting August 16. Usually, recalls like this are taken care of by the dealer, free of charge, and should you be affected, we hope yours is too.


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