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Ford issued a recall for the Ford Mustang that states some models suffer from backup camera issues wherein the display is unusable or blank. The recall affects over 330,000 examples of the legendary coupe and spans the 2015-2017 model years.

This Mustang recall comes as a result of faulty wiring

2016 Ford Mustang GT Equipped with the Black Accent Package driving on banked high speed course
2016 Ford Mustang GT | Ford

According to, this is Ford’s second major recall for the 2022 calendar year. However, it is the first one involving the Mustang.

According to the details of the recall provided by the NHTSA, the issue stems from the wiring to the camera found in the rear decklid. The info states that the wiring may be loose or damaged. This can result in distorted images on the in-cockpit screen when in reverse. Additionally, the wiring damage can lead to the interior screen being entirely blank when backing up.

This is no small recall, either. According to Mustang Specs, Ford sold 428,300 Ford Mustangs from 2015 to 2017. This means over 75 percent of that figure falls under this recall.

These model years fall outside of the scope of the federal mandate stating that all vehicles must be equipped with a backup camera in 2019 and newer vehicles. However, backover prevention is a high priority for the NHTSA. This issue is not being taken lightly.

How do I check if my Ford Mustang has a recall?

2016 Ford Mustang GT Convertible Equipped with the California Special Package interior shot with Sync3 infotainment display and backup camera
2016 Ford Mustang GT Interior | Ford

Owners of 2015-2017 model year Ford Mustangs should input their Vehicle Identification Number on the NHTSA website to see if their vehicle falls under the recall. Additionally, Ford is sending letters to owners of affected vehicles to notify them of the recall and request that they bring them to a Ford dealership for inspection and necessary repairs.

According to the recall, dealerships will inspect the decklid wiring and rear-view camera for damage. If necessary, Ford will replace the components completely free of charge to the owners.

The NHTSA information also states that Ford intends to send letters informing owners of affected vehicles of the safety risk by March 7th, 2022. Additionally, Ford will send a second letter to the vehicle owners when a remedy for this issue is complete.

Owners who do own affected vehicles should proceed with caution. While backing up a car safely seems like a no-brainer to most, accidents involving backing over children are far more common than one might think. Additionally, the Mustang offers somewhat limited rear visibility. So, backing into tight spaces or navigating parking lots in reverse is a bit difficult.

This isn’t the only recall active for 2015-2017 Ford Mustang models

2017 Ford Mustang GT Convertible driving on mountain road
2017 Ford Mustang Convertible | Ford

While checking to see if their vehicle is affected in the backup camera recall, 2015-2017 Mustang owners should also take the time to see if their vehicle is affected by another recall affecting the same model years. This recall covers a faulty engine compartment hose causing an oil leak that can increase the risk of a fire.

According to the NHTSA data, though, this recall only affects around 6,500 vehicles. However, it never hurts to be sure.

Hopefully, Ford quickly resolves this issue, and it doesn’t result in any property damage or physical injury. However, expecting the inspection and repairs of up to 330,000 vehicles to happen in a speedy time frame is optimistic at best. All we can do is hope that owners of affected cars take a little extra care when backing up.

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