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Because of faulty backup camera lenses, Ford issued a new recall for more than 277,000 trucks and cars. The lenses can get cloudy and reduce visibility of the backup camera. The recall is for some Ford F-250, F-350 and F-450 Super Duty trucks, and the Lincoln Continental from 2017-2020. Dealers will replace the cameras at no cost. Many cars and trucks face recalls for things like this and most likely you’ll receive a letter from Ford notifying you if your Ford should go to the dealer for a repair.

Does my Ford have a recall?

Though popular models are affected, only those with the 360-degree camera system from some years are affected. To find out if your car or truck is affected, you can see the NHTSA recall notice and use the NHTSA’s VIN search tool at Dealers will inspect and repair the cameras if necessary. Ford will also send letters to owners of the affected vehicles starting Sept. 12, according to ABC News.

Ford issued a similar recall in March for Edge SUV cameras, and also for Ford Mustangs. In Edge SUVs the cameras would show no image or a distorted image. In that case, dealers updated the software and fixed the issue on up to 78,000 Edges.

The federal government mandated backup cameras in 2018

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The NHTSA mandated that all cars and light trucks sold in the U.S. after May 1, 2018, come with a backup camera. Many vehicles came with cameras before that. In 2008 congress passed a federal law that required regulators to push new safety technology. In 2014 the Department of Transportation announced that all vehicles would need cameras, and gave manufacturers four years to prepare.


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