Ford Ranger vs. Ford Everest, What’s the Difference?

As an auto enthusiast, it is not uncommon to come across vehicles online made for other countries. They might even be made by manufacturers that are pretty familiar to those in the United States. For example, Ford makes vehicles all around the world, but their lineup can change from country to country. That’s where the Ford Ranger and Ford Everest come in.

A Ford Everest on the trails in Australia
2019 Ford Everest | Ford

Ford Ranger

The Ford Ranger pickup was re-introduced to the United States for the 2019 model year. But it was in Australia years prior. In fact, the Australian Ford Ranger was used to develop the Ranger for the United States. 

Ford Everest connection to the Ranger

By contrast, the Ford Everest has never been in the United States. However, it has been available in Australia for years. It is often referred to in the same breath as the Ranger pickup. There is a reason for that. The Everest is built into an SUV from the Ranger chassis. 

Ford Everest on rocky terrain
Ford Everest | Ford

Ford Bronco

When Ford in the USA started talking about bringing the Ranger back, some wondered if they would also bring the Everest to the US shores as well. Ford quickly dismissed that train of thinking because they feared that in bringing the Everest to the United States, they would inadvertently cannibalize customers from the Escape and Explorer. It was thought that for something to enter that segment, it would have to be drastically different. Enter the Bronco.

A brown 2019 Ford Everest Titanium waterfording
2019 Ford Everest Titanium Rear | Ford

In January 2017, Ford announced that they were bringing the Ford Bronco back. Interestingly, later announcements said that the Bronco would be made at the same factory that the Ranger was planned to be made. That’s when everybody finally figured out that the new Bronco would not be a full-sized vehicle. Instead, The Bronco SUV would be built on the Ford Ranger chassis. Also, the leaks about the Bronco since then show that it will be sufficiently different than the Escape or Explorer. So, no cannibalization of the customers will happen.

If the Bronco is the Ranger based SUV for the United States, then what happens to the Ford Everest, which is also a Ranger based SUV? Nothing happens. The Ford Everest will stay overseas. That’s not because it is a bad product. It’s because the United States wants the Bronco more. 

What is the United States missing?

So, what is the United States missing with the Ford Everest? Well, think of a three-row SUV with a Ranger face and underpinnings. That would be the Everest. The Toyota Tacoma and the Toyota 4Runner are an example from Toyota that is equal to that of the Ranger and Everest comparison. 


Ford Ranger Changes in Australia Foreshadow American Ranger

Enough about the exterior. What does the interior of a Ford Everest measure up in SUV form? A Ford press release described it like this.

“Interior features balance ride comfort with ultimate practicality, including a large moon roof, a convenient powered liftgate, more than 30 cleverly designed stowage spaces, multiple power outlets in the first and second rows, and flexible seating and cargo arrangements – including fold-flat second- and third-row seating – to achieve a perfect balance between passenger demands and packing efficiency”

Good, but it is not a Bronco

It all makes the Everest sounds pretty comparable to many SUVs already in the United States. No doubt that the Everest is a capable SUV. The Ranger pickup chassis it is built upon is pretty formidable. But it will have to be happy about staying overseas. The United States has instead been primed and is ready to embrace the Bronco, which is different enough that the Ranger will not be mentioned in the same breath.