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There are many new and upcoming electric pickup trucks. This includes the Rivian R1T, Ford F-150 Lightning, Chevy Silverado EV, and Tesla Cybertruck. However, an all-electric Ford Ranger has the chance to top them all. Find out why the Ford Ranger EV could be the best electric pickup truck.

Ford CEO drops a hint about Ford Ranger EV during a livestream of the F-150 Lightning launch

Front angle view of orange 2024 Ford Ranger, highlighting how Ford Ranger EV could be the best electric pickup truck
2024 Ford Ranger | Ford

In April, Ford CEO Jim Farley held a livestream to commemorate the release of the all-electric F-150 Lightning pickup truck. While he didn’t reveal much new information about the F-150 Lightning, he dropped a hint about plans for a Ford Ranger EV. “We’re already pushing dirt down in Blue Oval City in Tennessee for another electric pickup truck that’s different than this one,” said Farley.

Farley didn’t explicitly say that the next electric Ford pickup truck will be the Ranger EV. However, by piecing together what he said along with other factors, this likely will be the case. As reported by Jalopnik, a Ford spokesperson said that the “new EV will be a next-gen electric truck, different from F-150 Lightning.” While that next-gen electric truck could either be the Ranger or Maverick, it will probably be the Ranger.

Since the Maverick already has a new platform, it will likely be another several years before a next-generation model arrives. However, the Ranger is due for a complete overhaul. If Ford has a second electric truck in the works, it will likely be released “sooner rather than later.” Based on timing, the Ranger has the best chance of becoming the next Ford electric truck.

Ford can learn from the F-150 Lightning to make the Ranger EV a better electric truck

Orange 2024 Ford Ranger driving on a mountain road, highlighting how Ford Ranger EV could be the best electric truck
2024 Ford Ranger | Ford

One of the reasons why the Ford Ranger EV could be the best electric pickup truck is that the designers and engineers at the Blue Oval can learn from the F-150 Lightning, as well as other EV trucks. The electric pickup truck segment is a new frontier. Like any new enterprise, there are bound to be mistakes, especially for one as complicated as an electric truck.

Ford can learn from the F-150 Lightning and other electric trucks. It can determine what works well and not so well — and what resonates the most with consumers. Ford can then apply these lessons learned to the Ranger EV. 

With the pedigree of the F-Series, a longtime best-seller, as well as the Ranger, if there’s one thing that Ford does well, it’s trucks. The success of the Ford Maverick further solidifies this. With this in mind, we’re confident that Ford will build an excellent electric truck with the Ranger EV.

The Ranger EV also benefits from a Ford partnership with Volkswagen


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Another thing that will help the Ford Ranger EV become the best electric pickup truck is a Ford partnership with Volkswagen. Per a 2020 agreement, the two automakers are combining forces to develop trucks together, as reported by Ford Authority

While not officially confirmed, Volkswagen executive Lars Krause indicated that the collaboration will result in a Ford Ranger EV and an all-electric version of the VW Amarok. The Amarok is available in various global markets but not currently in the U.S. The Ranger EV will undoubtedly benefit by combining expertise from two of the biggest automakers.

We’ll have to see what’s in store for the Ford Ranger EV, but it has a chance of becoming the best electric pickup truck. Given the success of the gas-powered Ranger and the high demand for the F-150 Lightning, you can count on the Ranger EV to sell very well. As more information becomes available about the Ranger EV, we’ll provide updates.