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One of the Ford Mustang Mach-E’s biggest critiques is the lack of available electric vehicle chargers and charging stations. That is now a thing of the past. Ford is releasing six new EV charging solutions for home and large-scale commercial fleets.

Ford Pro wants to offer easy electric vehicle charging options

Ford electric vehicle charging solutions
Ford’s new electric vehicle charging solutions | Ford

Ford announced this week that the new electric vehicle brand, Ford Pro, is adding all-new charging options for EVs. The automaker calls this a new suite of commercial chargers and other charging solutions for commercial electric vehicles, software, services, and financing.

Ford Pro will be releasing six new scalable Level 2 AC chargers and Level 3 DC Fast-Chargers. These will range from 11.5- kilowatts to 180 kilowatts for home and depot. The electric vehicle chargers will have innovative charging software to ensure a smooth and hassle-free charging experience. It will also help optimize energy costs for those utilizing an electric fleet.

ChargerHome or DepotPowerConnector Type
Ford Pro AC 
Charging Station 
Both11.5 kilowatts J1772
Ford Pro AC 
Charging Station 
Ford Charge 
Station Pro
Home19.2 kilowatts (AC) CCS-1
Ford Pro DC 
Charging Station  
Depot60, 120, 180 kilowatts CCS-1
Ford Pro DC 
Charging Cabinet 
Depot60, 120, 150, 180 kilowatts N/A
Ford Pro Industrial DC Dispenser  Depot60 to 180 kilowatts CCS-1
Ford Pro Commercial DC DispenserDepot60 to 180 kilowatts CCS-1

Last year, Ford killed off the Mach-E electric vehicle charger for homes. Since then, there wasn’t much movement on offering a better solution. It seems now the automaker has a whole suite of options for those charging at home or work.

Ford Pro Charging offers electric vehicle charging options for everyone

The automaker says these chargers will suit a single EV at home to commercial fleet operations. Buyers will be able to buy a single charger up to “large-scale depot charging systems.” Not only will the charger be offered, but installation, software, and service. Ford and Ford Pro are offering a new system called FinSimple to help with the financing side of things.

“We are investing heavily in products and services to help commercial customers accelerate into an electric future, which means helping to ensure our hardware and software can plug and play with other manufacturers, as we know many customers operate mixed-make fleets.”

Ted Cannis | Ford Pro CEO

These electric vehicle charging solutions are hitting the market just in time for the 2022 Ford F-150 Lightning electric truck and the 2022 Ford E-Transit van. These new EVs are supposed to hit the market in spring, and the new charging systems will be ready to help keep everything powered.

Ford’s BlueOval Charge Network is growing quickly


All of the Electric Vehicles That Come With Free Charging

Ford said that a recent study showed people were anxious about switching to electric vehicles, especially fleet managers. Ford Pro hopes to provide “complete electric vehicle charging from start to finish, a turnkey solution offering a full-service team of experts.” From chargers, software, installation, and support throughout the life cycle.

To make the move to electric vehicles, a complete service like this will set Ford apart. Not only that, but the E-Transit van is hopefully going to be a significant piece of the puzzle. Currently, Ford Pro is the only commercial provider in North America. Ford’s BlueOval Charge Network has more than 20,500 charge locations right now. That’s 70,000 plugs with more than 7,300 DC fast charging plugs and growing.

Get ready to see a lot more Ford Mustang Mach-E‘s on the road, and in the future, plenty of 2022 Ford F-150 Lightnings and E-Transit vans will join it. Electric vehicle charging is a big field, but Ford definitely just pulled ahead.