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The Ford F-150 Lightning is a hot item as an electric truck. It is so popular that the Blue Oval has been forced to close orders for the 2023 model year. But apparently, Ford has bigger plans for its EV trucks. Code-named “Project T3,” this new electric pickup is expected to arrive in 2025. 

Does Ford have an electric truck?

The Blue Oval does have an electric truck known as the F-150 Lightning. It offers legitimate electric range, can power a house, and still looks like a regular full-size truck. That is because it is heavily based on the regular Ford F-150 pickup, which means that it is not a completely new pickup. 

That’s not good enough for Ford; the brand has announced plans for a vehicle that will “revolutionize” America’s truck. Known as Project T3, we don’t know much about this project. But we do know it will be built at a new facility and that Ford has stated it will be able to build 500,000 electric trucks a year. 

“a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to revolutionize America’s truck”


The Ford F-150 Lightning is just the first act

The point of the Ford Lightning was to allow the Blue Oval to get an electric truck to the market. If you’ve seen one in public, you’ve likely noticed it looks a lot like a regular F-150. It rides on the same platform, although Ford did make modifications to allow the battery packs to fit. 

The 2023 Ford F-150 Lightning is a prelude for Project T3 electric truck.
2023 Ford F-150 Lightning | Ford

Project T3 will be a completely dedicated EV. It won’t be surprising if the production version looks more radical than Ford’s current electric truck. But that’s just speculation until the Blue Oval releases renderings and more information. 

When is Ford’s new electric truck coming?

According to Car and Driver, Project T3 is expected for 2025. Ford CEO Jim Farley stated that it’s going to be like the Millennium Falcon if you are familiar with the spacecraft from Star Wars. That could be a bit of a stretch; sometimes, automakers use a lot of hyperbole around new products. 

We do expect Project T3 to improve on the existing Ford F-150 Lightning. It will probably have a better range and some additional capability. This new electric truck could even benefit from over-the-air updates, which is something that brands like Tesla have been doing. 

The Ford Lightning shows off its capability as an electric truck.
Ford F-150 Lightning | Ford

Another thing that we know about Project T3 is that it will be built at the Blue Oval City factory outside of Memphis. And hopefully, a new factory means production can keep up with demand. It seems like Ford has really been struggling to get some of its more popular models, like the Maverick, to consumers. 

Now that the Blue Oval has made its initial announcement, we will probably see more information in the future. Ford has been losing money on its EV ventures, but it looks like the brand is still committed for electrification. And I think seeing a new electric truck from the company will be pretty exciting, especially if it’s not just an F-150 with battery power.

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