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The Ford Bronco continues to impress with its one-part nostalgia and two-parts beefy capability. Still, the blue oval automaker isn’t done exploring opportunities for improvements and innovations. In fact, Ford continues to secure new patents for various technologies, some of which are intended for the Bronco.

One such patent involves screen doors. That may be a head-scratcher when you think about why Ford might put screens on the Bronco. Upon further investigation into these patents and designs, it looks like Ford has safety top of mind. This particular patent could be a lifesaver.

Ford has a new patent for the Bronco

A red 2022 Ford Bronco Wildtrak model with option HOSS 3.0 parked on a snowy off-road trail in a forest
2022 Ford Bronco Wildtrak | The Ford Motor Company

Automakers are constantly exploring better ways to improve car safety. Ford is no different, including improvements for the Ford BroncoThe Drive points out that Ford has secured some interesting off-road patents lately. There’s a plan for a four-wheel steering system, much like the GMC Hummer’s “Crab Walk” capability. There is also a patent for a roof-mounted chair for camping enthusiasts. However, one patent, in particular, posed a few question marks. Ford has a new patent for screen doors on the Bronco.

Imagine retractable screens, along with removable doors and roof panels. The official name on the paperwork reads, “Screen Deployable Across Opening in Vehicle Body.” Ideally, with the push of a button, a Bronco driver can enact screens to extend, should the doors and roof panels be removed.

How this Bronco innovation can save lives

So, what purpose will these spring-loaded door screens serve? Ford describes the one primary reason. These Ford Bronco door screens are an added safety measure. These screens aren’t an aesthetic feature. Rather, they’re rigged with chains along the pillars to deploy, specifically when the roof panels and doors are removed. Should someone be in an off-road accident, occupants can quickly get out of the Bronco much easier when it’s only a screen to breakthrough. Additionally, the screens can provide added protection in keeping hands and arms inside the vehicle until the occupant is ready to safely exit.

The other impressive specs of the Ford Bronco

While you might not have the screen doors available yet, there’s plenty to love about the new Ford Bronco. Edmunds and others applaud its all-terrain capability, pleasant steering, helpful tech, and multiple layers of customization. From various trims to off-road hardware options and everything in between, you’re sure to find the best version of the Ford Bronco for you.

Start with the Ford Bronco trims and choose the Base, the Big Bend, the Black Diamond, the Outer Banks, the Badlands, the Wildtrak, or the Everglades. Additionally, you’ll have to decide if you want two or four doors. If you want the all-in version, with all the off-road options and most powerful engine, you have to check out the Raptor. Depending on how you plan to use your Bronco, there’s pretty much an accommodation to add everything from a raised suspension, air snorkels, and vinyl materials to heated seats and luxury extras.

Choose your engine to help you determine which trim is best. Beware, they’re all pretty powerful. The entry-level engine is the robust 2.3-liter turbocharged four-cylinder, capable of harnessing 300 horsepower. The Wildtrak brings in the 2.7-liter V6 engine for more beef. Additionally, the Ford Bronco Raptor, with its Sasquatch package, adds in the almighty 3.0-liter engine capable of achieving 400 horsepower.

The Ford Bronco is already pretty fabulous. However, based on the continued patents Ford secures, it looks like more improvements are on the way. The screen doors might be an excellent addition for improved safety, especially for those who plan to go off-road.


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