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We have all heard the stereotype about the Ford Mustang and some of its more exuberant operators. The silly videos of S197 and S550 Mustangs, packed with horsepower and torque, sliding into parked cars and crowds are ubiquitous. Aside from hitting a person, it might be the saddest event when an everyday hero Mustang smashes into something special. A Ford Mustang and a Lamborghini Huracán collided in a noisy, high-performance fail on a Miami street.

Who hit who? Typical Mustang smash, or too much Lamborghini to control?

Ford Mustang and Lamborghini Huracán Collide in High-Performance Fail
Lamborghini Huracán | Martyn Lucy, Getty Images

Captured in a low-resolution video on autoevolution, the culprit is pretty clear. The Lamborghini Huracán came to a stop in the right lane, as seen from the dash of the recording spectator car. You can just hear the roar of the Coyote V8 engine before the S550 Mustang comes into the frame.

There was a short gap between the front passenger side of the camera car and the Huracán’s driver side rear. The Ford driver decided to attempt an overtake using the gap between the two vehicles. You can see on the video the point at which the pony car smacks the rear of the Lamborghini. The Mustang lost composure for a moment and then straightened back out.

The worst part of it all, worse even than the Lamborghini sustaining damage, was that it appears the Mustang driver chose to run off. That’s right, the Mustang hit the Huracán and ran. Cars aside, it is a crime with no reasonable explanation.

Why is it such a shame that the Lamborghini Huracán got hit?

Lamborghini Huracán and Ford Mustang Collide in High-Performance Fail
Lamborghini Huracán STO | Lamborghini

The Lamborghini Huracán is a masterpiece of Modena soul and style. Not knocking the update that the S550 brought to the Ford Mustang or the merits of the Coyote V8 engine, but it is not a Huracán. The Huracán is a marriage of typical white-knuckle Lamborghini flair and precise Audi engineering. Opt for a Peformante or STO, and the performance credentials of the Huracán increase even more.

The Huracán is an AWD application, meaning it is sure-footed and launches hard. Pair that with the Lamborghini Huracan’s 5.2L V10 engine, and you’ve got a rampaging bull. In addition to the performance talents, the Huracán is offered in an eye-watering color pallet, this one from the video sporting a brilliant yellow.

Are Mustangs really that dangerous?

Fast Fails: Mustang Leaving Car Shows | Powernation

The S197 body Mustang, the model before the Mustang in the online video, featured a live rear axle. While the powerful engine could push the car to the next light with ferocity, it is not happy cornering. While Mustang owners could remedy part of the problem with aftermarket suspension upgrades, it is still tricky.

The S550 introduced the Mustang’s first full-line independent rear suspension setup. The update meant that the S550 was less likely to slide right out of a corner and into on-coming traffic. However, a boot full of throttle revealed that the cars are still prone to sliding. That is how Mustang acquired the crowd-targeting stereotype. All generalizations aside, the pony car is still a great performance bargain.


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