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The seventh generation of Ford Mustang is right around the corner, and interested parties cannot handle their excitement. Ford operates in the shadows and avoids leaking any information, but some inevitably slip through the cracks. However, when Motor1 published photos of what appeared to be a test Mustang in the wild, the mostly-camouflaged vehicle still managed to drop some hints to interested parties. 

The next generation of Ford Mustangs

2022 Ford Mustang Shelby GT500 Heritage Edition in blue with white racing stripes
2022 Ford Mustang Shelby GT500 Heritage Edition | The Ford Motor Company

A cameraman spotted the new Ford Mustang in the wild. However, Ford took great lengths to keep the vehicle under wraps. Motor1 published the photo, which featured the new car decked out in tarps to avoid recognition. It didn’t work. While the car’s specifics mainly were covered, Christopher Smith spotted a few unique designs. 

The tarp approach is not unique. However, the Mustang is one of the most iconic models globally, and giving the buyers too much may bring forth lofty expectations that Ford could not possibly match. However, thanks to some detective work from Smith and company, Mustang drivers still have something to sink their teeth into until Ford releases more details. 

What’s it changing with the new Mustang? 

The tarp on the seventh-generation Ford Mustang couldn’t cover every inch. As such, the wheels, exhaust, and areas that needed to breathe were still visible. The wheels appear similar to those on Mustang Mach 1. The photo also seems to show a pair of 275s with large discs held together with a caliper bracket. While the test vehicle resembles the GT500 and the Mach 1, the model variation is still up in the air. The wheels are an apparent upgrade from previous models, depending on what hid beneath the tarp. 

Smith believes it to be a V8-powered GT with some tweaks to the system, but this is speculation on the buyer’s part. However, these small details are sure to comfort fans. Ford is in the process of phasing out its sedans in favor of electric cars. However, with one future model’s hybrid engine is already in the works and rumors of a fully electric model in coming years, the Mustang is here to stay. 

While there might be some concessions from the previous generation of Mustang, Ford is poised to set the industry ablaze when the seventh generation finally drops.  

The Mustang legacy

MotorTrend published a brief history of the Ford Mustang model in 2020. When looking at it, one can’t help but understand why Ford’s iconic sedan remains such a behemoth presence in the auto industry. The first Mustang premiered at the World’s Fair in 1964 and has been the talk of the car world ever since. The Mustang is one of a handful of classic vehicles of this magnitude that are still in production. 

The car changed with every new entry. In 1969, the car got bigger in size and branding, and the engine grew more powerful. The Boss line brought NASCAR-ready cars to the market, and while the second generation plummeted, it set the groundwork for the company’s next phase. The next few generations harkened back to that original model while conforming to the times. 

However, buyers wanted Ford to stick with the classic look in a world that embraces modernity. Throughout the 90s and until 2005, Ford slowly found a way to appease both sides -taking that original model and keeping it intact while offering modern tech and a timeless bridge between the first generation of the 60s and the modern one we see today

Time will tell where the Ford Mustang goes from here, but until the next generation drops, every bit of information is bound to turn some heads. 


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