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Ford Motor Company is one of the oldest American car brands, and throughout its long history, Ford’s had its ups and downs but always came up stronger than ever. For example, one of Ford’s earliest business decisions was the creation of Mercury, a mid-tier luxury car brand, but Ford eventually killed Mercury. However, Ford had another luxury brand under its wing, which has been a part of Ford for almost as long as Ford’s been around.

Ford has owned Lincoln for over 100 years

Ford motor company logo, owner of Ford and other luxury brands.
Ford logo | Getty Images

As Consumer Reports wrote, Ford owns Lincoln, representing their luxury division. When Mercury was still around, Ford’s idea was that regular Fords were for ordinary people, while a Mercury would be for those who had a little more money to spend. Meanwhile, Lincoln was the most luxurious option possible, and as such, Lincolns were very well-equipped.

On top of this, Lincoln has been a part of Ford for a long time. Lincoln started as an independent automaker in 1917. In 1922, Ford bought Lincoln. Although the Mercury brand is no more, Lincoln has survived, and it’s survived because Ford’s been able to keep making high-quality luxury cars throughout the years. 

One of Lincoln’s most famous cars was the Continental, a full-size luxury car in production on and off since 1940. That said, Ford killed off the Continental in 2020, but it may not be the last of the nameplate. Ford’s killed off the Continental in the past, only to revive it a few years later. However, this move reflects a recent trend in the Ford Motor Company. 

A brief history of the Ford Motor Company

Ford was founded in 1903. Back then, the company was famous for two things. The Model T was a small car that was affordable for many Americans, and Ford was able to churn out those cars thanks to the company’s innovations in terms of manufacturing. While the Model T helped make Ford a household name, it did not take long for Ford to diversify its lineup.

There was the Mustang, Ford’s famous muscle car. But there was also the F-Series of trucks, which includes the renowned F-150. These trucks have been around for decades as well, and the F-Series has since become Ford’s most popular car option. Like many other automakers, Ford’s realized that Americans want trucks and SUVs. That is why Ford focuses on trucks and SUVs, not sedans like the Lincoln Continental. 

Ford has been a resilient American automaker 

This pivot toward what customers want is one of the reasons why Ford’s been a successful automaker for over 100 years. Like every other automaker, Ford faced problems that have forced the company to adapt. However, unlike other major American automakers, Ford hasn’t needed to resort to a merger or bailout. General Motors was bailed out after the Great Recession, and Chrysler merged with European automakers to form Stellantis. 

The current challenge Ford and other automakers are trying to face is climate change. Ford has seemingly adapted to the new conditions and created cars people want. The prominent two examples are the Mustang Mach-E and the F-150 Lightning. Both have been very popular options with consumers. Lincoln will be getting EVs, too, so Ford seems determined to be the top EV automaker.


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