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The 2021 Ford Bronco is an elusive beast, indeed. After years of build-up, the Bronco hit the market at one of the strangest times in recent history for the automotive market. Between supply chain issues, COVID shutdowns, and massive demand, the new Ford Bronco delays have made them nearly impossible to get. Well, Ford has shared some insider tips on how to get a new Ford Bronco even if it feels impossible. 

A red 2022 Ford Bronco parked near a large wooden Bronco sign, is the Wildtrak trim worth the price tag?
2022 Ford Bronco | Ford

Can you buy a 2021 Ford Bronco? 

The new Bronco is technically available to buy, but actually getting the Bronco you want or even ordered, is a different story. Thankfully, Ford really wants us to have the new Bronco as much as the reservations holders want their SUVs. So, Ford has given us a few secret tips to possibly get our trucks a little sooner. 

These tips are mostly useful for folks who already have a Ford Bronco earmarked for them that hasn’t been built or left the factory yet. But if you know how to work the waiting list and build sheet, you may be able to get your Tonka truck for Christmas – or at least by next Christmas. 

What is keeping the 2021 Ford Bronco delayed? 

A blue Ford Bronco parked in front of a large wooden Bronco sign. How much weight can a Ford Bronco tow?
Ford Bronco | Scott Olson/Getty Images

MotorTrend references BroncoG6, saying that a memo to Ford dealers details some insider secrets to help Broncos get built faster. It seems there are three “Constrained Commaditites” that are slowing down production. Ford the memo to dealers is basically saying, if you don’t have these options, the production is likely to move much quicker. 

So, what are the three “constrained commodities” that could put the Bronco behind? Paint Protection Film, the Trailer Tow package, and the MIC (Molded-in-Color) Hard Top. Unfortunately, that hardtop, which has been a consistent problem for Ford, is standard on the two-door Broncos. 

These options and features are obviously pretty popular, but if the memo is basically suggesting that dealers order their Bronco’s sans these features and simply get them done down the road when production is back on track. 

Keep in mind taking these features off your order isn’t a guarantee, but it surely might help. Although getting a stripped-down version might be disappointing to some Bronco Buyers, I’d argue it’s much better to get your truck within months than years potentially. Keep in mind, newly made Bronco order delivery estimates are being pushed back years.

Is the Bronco out yet? 

Even though the Ford Bronco and Bronco Sport have been out for nearly the same amount of time, there are far more Bronco Sports out in the wild. Although it may feel as though there are zero big Broncos out roaming free, that’s not exactly the case. 

November 2021 sales and production numbers show decent increases over October, according to MotorTrend. November Bronco sales totaled 8,287 vehicles, and November Bronco production comes in at 10,504 Broncos produced. Year-to-date numbers indicate 25,855 Broncos sold and 43,711 Broncos produced. Those numbers may be a little hard to believe, but that’s the shakedown. There are Broncos to be had; it is simply a matter of making the right order, being patient, and time. 

Don’t lose hope. Maybe these tips from Ford can help move some Bronco orders along. Here’s to hoping. 


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