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Ford’s most popular hybrid is not a car or an SUV, it’s the 2022 Ford Maverick truck. The company’s new sales figures show that while its F-Series truck sales were up almost 15 percent for April, the Ford Maverick sales were up almost 10 percent. Ford is now selling more small Maverick trucks than Ranger trucks, which are mid-size trucks, but actually smaller on the inside.

Is the Ford Maverick truck stealing Ranger sales?

A Ford Maverick compact truck with Area 51 paint has lumber loaded into its bed.
2022 Ford Maverick | Ford

Is the Maverick stealing sales from Ford’s Ranger? Month-over-month, Ford sold 47% more Maverick trucks than Rangers. The Maverick seems to be scratching an itch for truck buyers right now. Last month, the 2022 Maverick truck outsold the similar Hyundai Santa Cruz.

“Maverick delivered its based sales performance since launch,” the company said.  

Of course, neither of the smaller trucks came even close to touching the F-Series trucks in sales. Ford sold 51,517 full-size trucks, but that number is down by 22 percent year-over-year. Some of that sales drop could be from buyers picking a Maverick over an F-150, and some of that could be from the company having trouble meeting the demand for its big trucks.

While Ford has had trouble meeting demand for its bigger trucks, the company didn’t say that it was having trouble delivering Maverick trucks in its new sales report.

Dealers don’t just look at how many trucks they sell, they measure it in how many days a new truck stays on the lot. New Mavericks only last four days on a dealer lot. That’s about a third of the time of other trucks.

Why is the Ford Maverick so cheap?

The Maverick has a lot of features that tick a lot of boxes for truck buyers, and non-truck buyers, too. The base Maverick has a hybrid motor that the EPA says can get up to 42 miles-per-gallon in the city. It seats five. It’s smaller than a big truck, by quite a bit, and it’s easier to park.

The Maverick is also inexpensive. It starts at $19,995 which makes it not just the least-expensive new truck you can buy, but also the least expensive new hybrid you can buy. The Maverick also can do a lot of the truck stuff that truck owners want, such as carry up to 1,500 pounds in the bed, tow up to 4,000 pounds, and even go off-road with the FX4 off-road package.

Maverick accessories are also flying off the shelf

A pair of 2022 Ford Maverick small trucks navigate an urban environment.
Ford Maverick | Ford

In the April sales report, Ford said that accessories for the Maverick and the new Bronco are also super popular.

While you’re not going to tow a giant boat with a Maverick, the truck isn’t made for that. That’s why Ford sells an F-150. Instead, the Maverick is designed for a different lifestyle, and that’s clear with the accessories that you can buy for it, which include a mini-fridge, extra lights, cargo boxes and extenders for the bed, and trim kits. You can get tow kits and racks, too.

One interesting tidbit from the April sales report was that winches and off-road lighting kits are the most popular for new Bronco owners. For Ford Maverick truck owners, the most popular accessory is the bed lighting kit.  


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