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The Ford Maverick Tremor is an interesting truck that has the truck world confused. On the one hand, the package seems extremely practical and capable. On the other hand, the off-road performance package takes it out of the running for the most affordable pickup truck. This is the Maverick’s superpower. Does Ford have a good reason for making their cheap truck expensive? Is the Tremor package worth it? These questions beg the question; Is the Ford Maverick Tremor misunderstood? 

Ford Maverick Tremor parked in the sand
Ford Maverick Tremor | MotorBiscuit: Braden Carlson

The Ford Maverick Tremor is interesting

Have you seen pickup trucks lately? How could you miss them? They have grown to preposterously huge proportions. In fact, they have grown so large that some safety organizations have claimed their size is a risk to children

With this in mind, the Ford Maverick and other small pickup trucks have felt like a breath of fresh air. They are small, light, fuel efficient, and just smaller, which feels good. That said, the Tremor package adds just enough beef to little Maverick to make it exciting. According to our own Braden Carlson, the Maverick Tremor isn’t just exciting; it’s nearly perfect. 

How much does the Ford Maverick Tremor package cost?

Ford Maverick Tremor script on the bed
Ford Maverick Tremor | MotorBiscuit: Braden Carlson

Braden’s review of the Ford Maverick Tremor showed a plucky little truck that has been misunderstood. Despite some feelings on price point, the Tremor package is still super-competitively priced compared to the rest of the market. 

The Tremor package is a $2995 upgrade. However, you can only add it to XLT and Lariat models with the 2.0-liter turbo, which means the Tremor package will run a bit more than the base model. 

What does the Maverick Tremor package have?

You’ll know you see a Tremor Maverick by the bedside graphics, smoked lights, and orange accents. Besides the aesthetic additions, the Tremor package also offers a skid plate, 1.0-inch lift, an all-wheel drive system with a fancy torque-vectoring rear diff, lumpy off-road tires, and a host of off-road driving modes. 

The Ford Maverick may be little, but in the Tremor suit, it really does the part of a big truck without any of the big truck annoyances. And, sure, the Maverick can’t tow much, but most people don’t tow anything, so that’s not really an issue. 

The Ford Maverick Tremor  is misunderstood

Since it has a bed, people think it should do all pickup truck things. This is silly. Plenty of small 4×4 or all-wheel drive vehicles are small and still can’t pull a trailer or haul 3,000 lbs of gravel or pull stumps out of the yard or whatever you’ve seen other people do on truck commercials. Corroborated by Car & Driver, the fact is, the Ford Maverick Tremor does Ford Maverick Tremor stuff. This is fundamentally different than Ford F-250 stuff, and that’s ok. 

Throughout Branden’s review, the same theme remains, the Ford Maverick Tremor was perfectly designed to be a small off-road-focused vehicle with a little bed to carry little things. If that is indeed what Frod wanted, then why are we so sure it should do something else? The Ford Maverick Tremor, even with its price increase, is one of the more useable pickup trucks on the market for most people.