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While there might be a lot of new trucks on the market, the Ford Maverick is definitely one of the more talked about options. It appears Ford filed a patent for an interesting potential new feature that might allow for a temperature-controlled truck bed. So, is the Ford Maverick truck bed getting a climate-controlled enhancement?

Rumor has it the Ford Maverick truck bed is getting an upgrade

Is the Ford Maverick getting a ventilated truck bed?
The all-new 2022 Ford Maverick truck in orange | Ford

The people at Muscle Cars & Trucks found a new patent, likely belonging to a Ford Maverick upgrade. While you can’t exactly get your hands on one of these trucks right now anyway, sometime cool might be headed its way. Ford recently filed a patent that would add air ventilation from the truck’s cab to the truck’s bed. This would be pretty specific to unibody trucks, like the Maverick.

That would mean Ford Maverick truck drivers could have the bed of the truck temperature controlled like the cab of the truck. If you needed to transport something temperature-sensitive or even set up a tent back there, this would allow for a more comfortable experience.

This patent was applied for in June 2020 and was published 18 months later. The application’s wording says that the design has a “cab back panel has a hidden section outside the cargo area.” In addition, the patent states that “an air extractor is held within the hidden section of the cab back panel.”

A temperature-controlled Ford Maverick truck bed would be a game changer

The patent explains that the Ford Maverick’s unibody construction will allow the air to vent through the passenger compartment to the truck bed. There will be some sort of shell for the bed that would allow the air to circulate the entire area. A regulated temperature would ensure both areas are comfortable, which means you could, in theory, also sleep in the truck’s cab.

The patent specifies an air extractor on the back panel of the truck’s cab that pulls air into the truck bed. A vent to move air from one area to another would also work if that didn’t work. Whatever Ford does with the Maverick’s bed, it will probably be a big selling point.

Additionally, having a ventilated truck bed will allow even more potential buyers to see value in the Maverick. Gone are the days of needing a bulky transit van when you can keep the truck bed at the same temperature as the truck’s interior.

This idea might not come to fruition anytime soon

Ford paused orders for the 2022 Maverick while the automaker tries to keep up with production. Ford said it was only temporarily pausing orders with the standard hybrid powertrain option in January. Since then, it seems the semiconductor chip drama and sheer excitement from buyers have slowed down the production process.

Depending on how long it takes to get this truck bed idea to fruition, people might be able to opt for it soon enough. With all of the other innovations Ford put into the Maverick, it is no surprise something like this might be in the pipeline.

The Maverick’s bed already has room for tons of lumber, 12-volt power on both sides, and pre-drilled holes. No matter what you throw at it, it seems Ford thought of it first.


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