The Ford Maverick Already Has One of the Best Interiors

The Ford Maverick has been in the news a lot recently. Frankly, the small truck has kicked off something of a renaissance in the small truck market, started earlier by the brand’s own Ranger truck. Hyundai followed suit with the Santa Cruz, but “Maverick” is the word on everyone’s lips. Moreover, the interior is no exception, and images show that Ford put a lot of effort into it. Then again, Ford has been doing that a lot lately.

The Ford Maverick puts function over form

The interior passenger door of the Ford Maverick with a water bottle in the door pocket
Simply not enough cars fit large water bottles | Ford

So, let’s start with a personal grievance of mine if you’ll let me be selfish for a moment. I own a large, insulated water bottle like the one you see above. In fact, that’s my water bottle, just in another color. So far, I’ve found one car that’ll fit it: my old 2010 Volkswagen GTI. Clearly, the Ford Maverick is built differently, as it’ll hold a large water bottle without a problem. That’s a good thing, too.

A large spot for a water bottle is just a start. Ford calls it FITS, or Ford Integrated Tether System. Clever name, sure, but what does it do? Well, just about anything you want. You see, if you wanted to, and had a 3D printer, Ford has made the FITS mechanism open source. That means you can print your own attachments, or pay someone to fab one up for you. Frankly, you can mount just about anything in a Ford Maverick because of this clever system.

Some may not like that approach in infotainment

A wide shot of the Maverick's interior with tan upholstery and a wireless charging pad
Some may be disappointed by the low-tech infotainment system | Ford

So, FITS means that the Maverick’s interior is delightfully forward-thinking. Rather than try to figure out what the customer wants, Ford simply said “do whatever you want.” That’s not all, as there’s plenty of smartphone integration on offer in the Ford Maverick. Just in front of the gear-selector, you’ll find a wireless charging pad. Happily, there’s a ledge to keep your phone from sliding about, something some manufacturers simply forgot about when wireless charging got off the ground.

There’s also Android Auto and Apple Carplay on offer as standard via an 8-inch touchscreen. However, some may take issue with the quality of said screen. Images show it looks, well, a little low-tech. You can read more on that below, but it’s important to keep in mind that the Maverick is also a sub-$30,000 vehicle if specced properly. Frankly, the Maverick is a somewhat back-to-basics truck, and for now, the infotainment reflects that.

Does Ford make a good interior?

The Ford Bronco's interior rail mount for cameras and smartphones
It isn’t just the Maverick with a forward-thinking interior | Ford

The Ford Maverick’s Low-Tech Infotainment Is a Blessing in Disguise

Regardless of your thoughts on the Ford Maverick’s infotainment, the rest of the interior is a masterclass in practicality and usability, something Ford has been making real strides in as of late. The Bronco is a fantastic example of this, with its integrated GoPro mounts and easy-off doors. Clearly, Ford wants to put the buyer first with their new interiors, and we hope to see it continued in future models.