Ford Just Made Figuring Out Your Pickup Truck Towing Limit So Much Easier

Figuring out your pickup truck’s towing limit can be pretty confusing. With something as potentially dangerous as towing, it’s not really something you want to do much guessing about. Ford just released the best towing tool for any Ford owner. All you need to know your truck’s towing limit is a truck, the VIN, and the Calculator. 

A white Ford F-350 super duty pickup truck towing a camper
Ford F-350 Towing a Camper | Mark Elias/Bloomberg via Getty Images

Figure out your pickup truck towing limit in seconds

The Drive reports that Ford has built a Vin Specific Calculator that any Ford truck owner can use to learn a whole heap of information about their vehicle in seconds. All you have to do is plug your pickup truck VIN into the Calculator, and it will give you specs like engine info, wheelbase, box-length, axle ratio, drivetrain configuration, any optional towing or payload packages selected from the factory, as well as towing capacity, max payload, GVWR, and GCWR. 

2021 Ford F-250 parked
2021 Ford F-250 | Ford

If you ordered a brand-new Ford pickup truck, you likely know all this information or at least have easy access to it. However, for anyone buying used trucks, finding some of this info can be tricky. This is particularly important for anyone who plans to do any towing. Accidentally towing too much weight can only hurt your truck but can be extremely dangerous. 

How to figure out your pickup truck’s towing limit?

Ford has built the Calculator right into its site, where anyone can access it easily. The Drive mentions that you can also put in the tow vehicle’s information like trailer weight, towing method, tongue percent, cargo weight, and passenger weight to determine how much weight you have leftover for hauling. 


GVWR vs. Towing Capacity: What’s the Difference for My Truck?

Figuring out a pickup truck’s towing limit is one of the most important pieces of information that pertains to truck ownership. The fact that this tool hasn’t come out sooner is surprising, but every Ford pickup truck owner should be pumped to have this tool at their disposal. 

This tool can also help with buying a used pickup truck

Like I mentioned earlier, this Ford VIN Calculator will be handy for folks who have older model Ford pickup trucks. It has another value for people planning on buying a used pickup truck, too. 

If you are buying from an individual or smaller dealer, this tool can really come in handy when buying a used Ford pickup. Instead of having to take a seller’s word for it, you can now look up the VIN and know exactly what a specific truck is and how much it can safely haul. This could prove to be invaluable for truck buyers. 

Technology is a friend, even to pickup trucks

As our world becomes further digitalized and online, certain things may get harder and more annoying, like dealing with vintage pickup trucks, for instance. However, the ease of access to the internet and more online tools being developed for vehicle owners should prove to be more valuable than ever. This is a revolutionary tool, and I would be surprised if every pickup truck maker didn’t follow suit if they haven’t started already.