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One of the wonderful things about children is their boundless imagination. As adults, people often lose their desire to dream big — whether due to being jaded from the harsh realities of life or self-imposed limitations. However, the mind of a child is full of wonder and inspiration. Ford in Great Britain tapped into this when one of its designers made a cool concept car drawing of a flying car for kids.

Will Ford build a flying car?

Forr concerpt car drawing of a flying car for kids
Ford Future Generation Concept Car | Ford

While flying cars are a possibility for in the future, Ford doesn’t have any serious plans to build a flying car. A Ford designer created the concept car drawing in response to a Ford Go Electric: Future Generation study the automaker conducted in Great Britain. For the study, Ford asked children aged 8-9 what kind of car they would like to drive. The top answer, unsurprisingly, was a car that could fly.

Ford Senior Exterior Designer Nedzad Mujcinovic fulfilled this desire for a flying car. He created a drawing of a “Ford Future Generation Concept Car.” The flying car is all-electric and features a striking red and black color combination, the most popular color combination for the kids. 

Do children want electric and self-driving cars?

In addition to the flying car, other top choices for desired cars in the Ford survey include environmentally-friendly features, self-driving ability, a good sound system, and comfortable seats. The vast majority of the children in the survey also responded that we have to “try our hardest to look after the planet, by being as green as possible.” The children also “ranked electric cars as by far the most environmentally friendly type of car.” In the survey, nearly half of the children responded that they are “ready and excited to drive electric” and want an electric car in the future.

In the survey, Ford also asked the children which environmentalists set the “best example for a more sustainable future.” The top responses were David Attenborough, Greta Thunberg, Prince Charles, Swampy, and Caroline Lucas.

The significant favorable response by the children regarding self-driving cars is also interesting. Self-driving technology is rapidly advancing. Some automotive experts believe that nearly all cars in the future will be self-driving. Also, the number of young adults with a driver’s license has significantly dropped over the past few decades. 

Ford conducted a separate survey for adults and asked them their sentiments about changing to electric cars. In 2030, only electric vehicles will be able to be sold in the UK. The adults were a little more resistant than the children. One in five adults didn’t want the gas-powered ban to happen at all. Many adult respondents said they are “worried they will struggle to understand how to drive an electric car.”

Children hang out in a Ford Mustang Mach-E

Children hang out inside of a Ford Mustang Mach-E
Children in a Ford Mustang Mach-E | Ford

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Those concerned that children are losing interest in driving can take solace in the excitement that the children showed for the Ford Mustang Mach-E. The kids were able to hang out in the Mustang Mach-E and check out its features. Many noticed that the car was all-electric and praised the interior technologies. 

Will kids have the opportunity to someday ride in a flying car? Who knows, but it’s nice to be inspired and express some creativity — even if the dreams never turn into reality. The study is especially insightful for the openness that children show toward electric cars. These children will inherit the environmental problems that we create today, so it’s revealing that they understand the importance of addressing them.