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According to Car and Driver, Ford says it is finally ready to replace your Bronco hardtop roof. Anyone who has already taken delivery of a Bronco model with a faulty roof will have theirs replaced. Additionally, all unsold two and four-door hardtop models and every 2022 Ford Bronco model will receive replacements. The Bronco hardtop roof issue was one of the significant reasons for production stoppages and delays.

How to have your Ford Bronco hardtop roof replaced

2022 Ford Bronco. The Bronco hardtop roof problem finally has a fix.
2022 Ford Bronco | Ford

If you’ve been lucky enough to get your hands on a new Bronco, you might have a lousy hardtop roof. Luckily after a long waiting period, Ford is ready to replace them. Ford told CAD that every hardtop Bronco model was affected by the issue. Owners of a Bronco with a hardtop roof can contact their local dealership to have it replaced.

Going forward, Ford Bronco hardtop roof models will have replacements

Since the Bronco hardtop roof problem was discovered a few months ago, it has caused a few production delays. The good news is, Ford is finally assembling new Bronco models with the proper roof. Going forward, every new Bronco coming out of production will be good to go. Those who previously ordered but didn’t receive a Bronco were given the option of switching to a soft-top model or getting a 2022 model year with the new roof.

The roof supplier, Webasto, had significant quality issues with the roofs. Luckily, the supplier is now back on track after making the proper changes to the Bronco’s hardtop roof quality. The supplier says Bronco owners with a faulty roof shouldn’t worry. “The imperfections are microscopic, do not affect the functionality of the roof, and are exposed in heavy rain and humidity. We found it and have now put in corrective steps,” a Webasto spokesperson told CAD back in August.

Can you preorder a 2022 Ford Bronco?

A blue Ford Bronco parked in front of a large wooden Bronco sign. The Bronco hardtop roof problem finally has a fix.
Ford Bronco | Scott Olson/Getty Images

2022 Bronco models remain unavailable for order through the online portal. Customers can build and price out the exact model they like with packages, colors, and more but can’t place an order. The lack of production over the last few months has a long way to go to recover. Those who preordered a 2021 Bronco a long time ago are receiving their models one by one as they arrive at dealerships.

If you want to reserve a 2022 Ford Bronco off-road SUV, you’ll need to wait a bit longer. Production is said to begin during December 2021. After preordering, it will take around six months to a year for customers to take delivery.

How to reserve a 2022 Ford Bronco


What’s So Great About the 2021 Ford Bronco?

You can reserve the 2022 Ford Bronco starting December 15, 2021. Although the vehicle won’t be available until the second half of 2022, yours will be secured. The 2021 model is no longer in production, which might be good. After finally fixing the hardtop roof problem for the 2021 Bronco, it also has recall issues. Hopefully, the 2022 model will prove to be much less problematic.

To preorder a 2022 Ford Bronco, visit your local dealership or go online to Ford’s website. Once there, you can use the build and price tool to create the perfect Bronco model for you. Once complete, you’ll have to give personal information so the closest dealership can contact you, but you’ll be good to go. Hopefully, production becomes a little easier, and you won’t have to worry about upcharges soon.

The Ford Bronco hardtop roof fix is finally in, and owners can get peace of mind. Though the bad roofs aren’t dangerous, it’s just something else to worry about. Thankfully, all new 2022 Bronco models won’t have these problems.