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Ford GT Mk IV race car article highlights: 

  • The new 2023 Ford GT Mk IV will be the last track-only GT from the model’s third generation and pays tribute to the iconic 1967 Ford GT40 Mk IV. 
  • The Mk IV will feature a twin-turbocharged EcoBoost powerplant with a possible 800 horsepower. Ford will wrap the engine in a hand-built long tail body with a library of racing components. 
  • The bittersweet race-ready swan song will be limited to 67 copies and start at around $1.7 million. 
The Ford GT Mk IV is a tribute to the GT40 Mk IV, or Mk 4 as some call it.
Ford GT Mk IV | Ford

The Ford GT name is royalty in the story of American racing. The GT40, with the magic assistance of people like Carroll Shelby and Ken Miles, conquered Ferrari at Le Mans and earned the world’s respect. Moreover, modern interpretations of the GT, like the brand new Ford GT Mk IV, channel the historic namesake’s racing heritage into track-ready blacktop warriors. Of course, with the industry push for electrification, the new Mk IV, or Mk 4 as some call it, will be the last track-only third-generation car of its kind. 

Is Ford coming out with a new GT?

Even with the industry pressure for electrification and hybridization, Ford is producing a track-only GT Mk IV special edition to celebrate the model’s magic. The new Ford race car will be a hand-built iteration of the marque’s beloved beast, limited to only 67 vehicles. However, it is more than just exclusivity; Ford wants this car to be a fitting tribute to the 1967 GT40 Mk IV. 

The new Ford GT Mk IV, or Mk 4, is a track-only supercar.
Ford GT Mk IV | Ford

To accomplish its task, Ford endowed the new track-only car with a Multimatic Adaptive Spool Valve (ASV) suspension system, a twin-turbo EcoBoost engine, and a racing transmission. Moreover, the race car has a hand-built carbon fiber long tail body; the new Mk IV looks like it has been juicing compared to the road-going third-gen cars.  

Does Ford still sell the GT?

In addition to the upcoming and ballistic track-ready car, Ford still sells the road-going GT. For instance, the 2022 Heritage Edition is a history-inspired model. The marque is limiting the Heritage Edition to just 1,350 copies. However, Ford says the American supercar is heading to the chopping block soon. The Blue Oval will likely create an electric or hybrid iteration in the future. 

The Ford GT Mk IV draws inspiration from the 1967 GT40 Mk IV
Ford’s long tail supercar, the Mk IV | Ford

Is Ford GT a rare car?

Ford’s supercar is already a rarity, but the new Mk IV, or Mk 4, is extremely rare. The Mk IV is limited to just 67 hand-built models. The 67 copies are a nod to the 1967 Ford GT40 Mk IV and its incredible racing pedigree. As a result, the street-illegal beast demands a serious premium over the road-going models. 

How much are Ford GTs worth?

While Ford’s halo car has always demanded a premium compared to, say, a Chevy Corvette C8, the new Mk 4 is monstrous money. Specifically, the new track-only beast starts at around $1.7 million. That’s quite a bit more than the 2022 Heritage Edition and its half-million-dollar ask. 

Car and Driver says buyer selections for the limited-edition race car will start in the first quarter (Q1) of 2023, and deliveries will start in late spring. 


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