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You’d expect a $500,000-$800,000 high-performance sports car to arrive with a laundry list of features, yards of leather, heated and ventilated and massaging everything, and every kind of automotive tech you could imagine. But, the Ford GT rejects that theory. This may be one of the most iconic supercars of today, but the Ford GT’s spartan interior is not for the faint of heart.

Is this monster even street legal? Yes—the Ford GT is legal to drive on any road you’d drive a Mustang, Focus, or Fusion. And, it looks the part. Every vicious angle of the GT looks furious, and it’s been shaved and molded to offer aerodynamics that you won’t find anywhere near a Focus or a Fusion sedan.

But, as much as it looks like a race car, it feels like a race car inside. The Ford GT’s interior is empty of the comfort features that we’ve grown to expect—not just from six-figure sports cars but also from basic sedans like the Honda Accord.

Car and Driver says that the GT’s cabin is “barren to avoid distractions,” which is a generous way of saying that you basically get just enough to actually drive the car, with a select few bells and whistles thrown in—and only if they don’t add too much weight. 

But, it’s unfair to hold the Ford GT’s interior to the standard of something like the Mercedes E-Class. They’re playing in wildly different leagues with wildly different goals. 

Ford GT interior colors and design

Black-on-black leather and sueded Ford GT interior. This is one of the Heritage Edition GT supercars with a special-edition interior
Ford GT interior | Ford

Carbon fiber is a major component of the GT’s interior design, partly to trim the fat on weight and partly because it’s cool and people like it. Mostly the first thing. Everything is minimalist to the point of shock. The touchscreen on the dash is a mere 6.5 inches—but it does offer swipe and pinch capabilities, and it does include Ford’s SYNC3 entertainment system, which honestly surprised me.

According to Ford’s fun GT Configurator tool, there are currently four Ford GT interior color options: 

  • Dark Energy”: Ebony Alcantara trim on black
  • Launch Control”: Ebony and orange leather trim on black
  • Light Speed”: Ebony leather and blue Alcantara trim on black
  • Re-Entry”: Ebony and white leather trim on black

You’ve got to admit that those are way cooler interior color names than Ford’s other models, which offer riveting names such as “Dark Ceramic” and “Sandstone.” 

Close up of the stalkless steering wheel in a Ford GT interior. Black on black is just one of the Ford GT's interior color combinations
Ford GT interior with stalkless steering wheel | Ford

On the outside of this insane supercar, you (the royal “you”—unless you’re really lucky and get an allocation) can choose from eight exterior Ford GT colors: Frozen White, Shadow Black, Ingot Silver, Liquid Grey, Liquid Blue, Liquid Red, Triple Yellow, and Matte Black.

The GT configurator is incredibly fun to play with, and it’s easy to get lost combo-ing interior and exterior colors and wheel types on the latest GT Series models. (Don’t forget to add racing stripes.)

My personal favorite mix was a Liquid Blue GT with Competition Orange stripes, matte-finish 20” carbon-fiber wheels, and a Light Speed GT interior. Glares at beloved grey Subaru Outback parked in the driveway.

Want a comfortable cabin? Consider the Ford Mustang GT’s interior, instead

Interior of a Ford Mustang GT convertible with its top down, which is much more luxurious and comfortable than that of a Ford GT supercar
Ford Mustang GT interior | Ford

If you’re looking for spacious headroom, heated steering wheels, or ambient lighting, the Ford GT is not for you. However, the Ford Mustang GT might be. The Mustang GT’s interior is all about those bells and whistles, and it’s happy to give up the goods. And for significantly less than $500,000.

Other higher-performance supercars with premium interiors include options from Porsche, Ferrari, Jaguar, and cars in the BMW M Series. It is possible to get a 600+ horsepower car that you won’t need to squeeze into—and that will let you adjust the seat.

But, again—nobody is buying the Ford GT to be a plush daily driver. It would be like bringing home a dingo and expecting it to walk on-leash like a labradoodle. This is a beast, through and through, and the GT hints that you should be grateful that it gives you anything in the cabin beyond pedals, a shifter, and a steering wheel.


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