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The Ford GT is awesome. It’s unattainable, ridiculous, and insanely expensive to buy if you can even get your hands on one. But it is truly awesome. And the new limited-edition Ford GT Holman Moody variant that debuted last month is the latest in a long line of stunning GT Heritage Edition models. These limited-run production models all pay homage to an essential part of Ford racing’s past, and this one might be the most important.

Ford’s latest GT Heritage Edition is a nod to the 1966 GT40

If you want heritage, the 1966 Ford GT40 MKII race car is perhaps the epitome of Ford racing heritage. The classic styling of the red-and-gold theme is a strong callback to the original color scheme of the OG MKII (Mark 2) that raced at the 24 Hours of Le Mans in 1966. Ford stamped No. 5 on the rear wing, the hood, the doors, and even inside on the door panels.

Of all the Ford GT Heritage Edition liveries we’ve done, the Holman Moody Heritage Edition’s can’t-miss signature gold and red theme is an epic tribute to our 1966 Le Mans finish. Inspired by one of the most well-known Ford GT40 race cars, this latest Ford GT honors the Holman Moody race team’s knowhow and ability to out-innovate global competitors.

Mike Severson, Ford GT program manager

As far as we know, this will be the last Ford GT Heritage Edition that Ford will offer for sale. This limited-run supercar may even be the last Ford GT period. Ford is rumored to discontinue the model this year, at least in its current form. It may be now or never if you want a Ford GT Heritage Edition for yourself.

How much does the Holman Moody GT Heritage Edition cost?

Red-and-gold Ford GT Holman Moody GT Heritage Edition supercar, parked in front of a giant window in what looks like an airplane hangar
2022 Ford GT Herman Moody Heritage Edition | Ford

The 2022 Ford GT Holman Moody Edition is an “ultra-limited-production” supercar, and it’s the ninth total Heritage Edition GT model. This isn’t the only special-edition model in 2022. The Ford GT Alan Mann Heritage Edition debuted at the Chicago Auto Show, and the Ford GT ’64 Prototype Heritage Edition was released earlier this year.

Ford has not officially listed the 2022 GT Holman Moody Edition price yet, but we can assume it’s somewhere in the $500,000-$600,000 range. 

But, the GT Holman Moody’s price isn’t really the issue. You can’t just buy a Ford GT, even if you have the cash. You need to apply even to be considered to buy one. Ford will assess your history with the brand, racing experience, and even your public profile and social influencer status before deciding.

We assume that there’s a long list of potential buyers waiting to snap these cars up—and specific retail prices are probably kept to those in the know.

Your best bet to buy a Ford GT Heritage Edition or GT40? Auction sites and the secondhand market

There are a few reasons you likely will never be able to get a GT or a Ford GT40 (sorry). For one, there aren’t that many of them produced to begin with. Two, Ford must approve you to purchase a GT if you want a new one (see above). Three, even if you turn to the used hypercar market, used prices for a Ford GT are astronomical. 

Still, looking at auction sites and the secondhand market is the best way to buy a Ford GT of any style. It’s not unusual to find a handful listed for sale—though, expect to pay closer to $1,000,000 for one than their retail rate of $500. 

This is especially true considering that Ford will be discontinuing the GT after this year, even after some unnecessary updates in 2020.


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