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It’s safe to say that people have been pretty excited about the 2021 Ford Bronco. It’s a throwback that’s been updated and modified in ways that make it a hugely popular SUV. The ability to choose from multiple trim lines and customize the Ford Bronco made it even more desirable. Yet for those who ordered the 2021 Ford Bronco First Edition – possibly as long as a year ago – they’re not getting what they paid for. It seems that Ford is forcing anyone who ordered a 2021 Ford Bronco First Edition and hasn’t gotten it yet to choose something else. It’s almost like Ford is an ice cream parlor out of cookie dough and customers can order pistachio or get out. So what is someone waiting for the 2021 Ford Bronco First Edition to do?

A taupe 2021 Ford Bronco First Edition against a white background.
2021 Ford Bronco First Edition | Ford

Ford is converting the 2021 Ford Bronco to the 2022 Ford Bronco

Ford is converting the 2021 Ford Bronco to the 2022 Ford Bronco. The 2022 Ford Bronco won’t have an option to order a Bronco First Edition. This means that at least a few people who had ordered a 2021 Ford Bronco First Edition may be out of luck.

Car Scoops investigated an email claim by someone who had placed an order for the 2021 Ford Bronco First Edition. The person said they were informed by his dealer that he had to change his order. The Ford customer was told that he had to convert his Bronco First Edition order to another Bronco trim. Otherwise he would lose his order altogether. The deadline for him making the change was October 7th.

Ford recommends that those who want the First Edition opt for the Badlands trim instead

Ford will be producing the 2022 Ford Bronco Badlands. It’s suggesting to its customers who had ordered a First Edition that this is the new trim they should select. Still, it’s a recommendation and not a mandate. Ford is allowing people to choose any “buildable” Ford Bronco to replace the First Edition that they had ordered.

One thing Ford is not being flexible on is whether its customers have to make a change. Not choosing a different Bronco will result in the entire order being canceled. In fact, Car Scoops reports that the email from Ford to its customers reads that “If dealers fail to convert the orders, the orders will be cancelled and the Timestamp will be lost.”

Why can’t Ford fulfill its orders?

There’s no real answer as to why this particular customer isn’t getting the Ford Bronco First Edition that he ordered, but it appears he isn’t the only one. Car Scoops found at least two other Ford Bronco customers who wanted the First Edition and won’t be able to get it. It’s possible that it’s a dealer error, rather than a real Ford problem. Input from internet users include speculation that dealers have entered incorrect codes when placing Ford Bronco First Edition errors. Another possibility is if the order contained something that Ford was no longer offering, like a black-painted roof that has since been discontinued.

Ford was going to make 3,500 First Editions, but increased that number to 7,000 because of the amount of people who wanted one. Hopefully most of those customers have gotten or are going to get the 2021 Ford Bronco First Editions that they ordered.


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