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When the Ford Focus ST was released it sat right in between the base Ford Focus and the rally-inspired Ford Focus RS. With 252 horsepower, four doors, and front-wheel drive, the Focus ST is a respectable starting point for those looking for hot hatch performance. However, as we know, tuners are always looking for more.

That is where Mountune comes in. Mountune is a performance shop with bases in the United States and the United Kingdom that specializes in performance modifications for Ford vehicles. Their umbrella of parts covers the Ford Focus, Ford Fiesta, Ford Ranger, and even the Ford F-150 truck.

Mountune m365 Ford Focus ST power upgrade kit

White Ford Focus ST driving on a race track.
Ford Focus ST | Mountune

As previously mentioned, the Ford Focus ST comes from the factory with a 252 horsepower, turbocharged, four-cylinder engine. While that is not an Earth-shattering power figure, it is not a low number for a hatchback. However, the tuners at Mountune have found a way to pull even more horses from the Focus ST’s 2-liter powerplant. 

Their new m365 power upgrade kit is the successor to their previous m330 kit. The m330 kit boosted the Ford Focus ST to a total of 325 horsepower which is a significant improvement over stock. The new m365 power upgrade kit can push the Focus ST to 360 horsepower and 413 ft-lbs of torque. That is more power and torque than early models of the Ford Focus RS. 

The heart of the Ford Focus ST m365 power upgrade kit is a Bluetooth OBD II module paired with Mountune’s “SMARTFlash” smartphone app which reflashes the ST’s factory ECU to adjust the air/fuel ratio, ignition timing, and boost pressure to extract more power. Beyond the ECU tuner, the m365 upgrade kit also includes a high-flow air filter and a 3-inch downpipe.

Can owners of the Mountune m330 Ford Focus ST kit upgrade to the m365?

A product shot of the Ford Focus ST m330 performance upgrade kit by mountune.
Ford Focus ST m330 performance upgrade kit | Mountune

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The good news is that since the m330 performance kit and the m365 performance kit are both mostly based in software, it is easy for owners of the previous kit to upgrade to the current one. As long as a user has the accompanying high-flow air filter and 3-inch downpipe, they can pay a fee to upgrade their ECU tune via the SMARTFlash app and get the same power gains as the m365 kit.

If a user does not already have the downpipe and the high-flow air filter, they’ll need to purchase both of those parts first before upgrading.

Can you buy the Mountune m365 Ford Focus ST upgrade kit in the United States?

Currently, it seems that the m365 Ford Focus ST upgrade kit is only available from the United Kingdom branch of Mountune. It is possible to order the kit from the company’s UK site. However, it should be noted that this kit was designed with United Kingdom emissions regulations in mind and is most likely not legal for road use in the United States. There is a chance that this kit may be legal for use on track-only race cars but we recommend checking with your state’s laws and regulations before ordering.