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As you might imagine, the Ford Motor Company’s worldwide reach warrants many, many production facilities. As such, you can find a Ford factory (or multiple assembly plants, for that matter) on five continents. The latest expansion: the Ford factory in the Valencia region of Spain will ramp up its output to over 300,000 units to keep the Blue Oval rolling.

The Valencia, Spain Ford factory will produce over a quarter of a million Ford vehicles per year starting in 2027

The Blue Oval is clearly committed to its Valencia, Spain assembly plant. Ford recently announced that the Spanish factory will begin producing as many as 300,000 vehicles in 2027. Moreover, the announcement signals the implementation of a new “partly electric car” model for production at the site. 

Frankly, the SUV model that the Blue Oval currently produces at the Valencia plant might not sound familiar at first mention. The Ford Kuga, pronounced like a relaxed approach to the word “cougar,” is most closely related to the American market Ford Escape. Ford has been producing its vehicles at the Valencia factory for decades, but the Kuga is its primary focus with the plant.

Auto workers work on cars at a Ford plant in Valencia, Spain.
Workers at a Ford Plant in Valencia, Spain | Ford Motor Company

However, as Reuters reports, the announcement signals the output of the Spanish Ford factory rising to around 300,000 units. It’s big news for the plant that currently operates with around 4,800 employees. Consequently, the Spanish Ministry seems on board with the expansion. “It is a model that will guarantee the workload for this factory and prepares it for the future,” the ministry stated. 

While that sounds substantial, the Ford Truck Plant (FTP) in Louisville, Kentucky employs nearly three times as many auto workers. Of course, FTP is responsible for many of the Ford Super Duty Series trucks and Expedition SUVs.

It’s not the only expansion or update that the Blue Oval is working on, either. Ford says its in-progress expansion of the Avon Lake, Ohio factory continues as the company positions itself to better cater to its Ford Pro (the brand’s commercial vehicle wing) consumers.