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The Ford F-150 is the most popular truck in America. Naturally, it’s the most commonly stolen as well. The F-150 still ranks as one of the cheapest pickup trucks to insure, according to These low prices break the mold for cars with such a high theft rate. What makes this commonly targeted vehicle so affordable to cover?

How do F-150 rates rank?

The Ford F-150 costs around $190 less to insure per year when compared to the average vehicle. However, when ranked among other Ford’s, the F-150 is pricey to cover. Insurance rates for Ford vehicles are typically low. The brand is known for its high safety ratings, which contribute to its good reputation with insurers. 

Compared to other Ford models, the F-150’s price hike is likely due to its high-ranking place on the list of cars most frequently stolen. According to NerdWallet, more than 32,000 Ford F-150s were stolen in 2016. 2006 is the most commonly stolen year of the popular pickup, according to the same data. 

How are insurance rates determined?

Multiple factors contribute to the price of an individual insurance policy. Companies consider a driver’s history, marital status, and more to assess their collision and injury risk. Consumer credit scores come into play as well.

Geographical locations impact insurance rates for several reasons. The risk of theft affects insurance pricing. Theft is more likely in high-crime neighborhoods. Climate is also relevant as it impacts vehicle longevity. Extreme weather often increases vehicle collision rates making some areas more expensive for insurance than others.

Safety ratings of vehicles play into pricing. Injuries from auto accidents can be costly for insurance companies. Vehicles with features that reduce bodily harm may be subject to lower rates as insurance companies favor smaller personal injury payouts. 

What makes the F-150 so cheap to insure?

Ford F-150 pickup truck badging|Olson/Getty Images

It’s tempting to assume the F-150’s regular rate of theft would spell high insurance prices. Surprisingly, the truck has some of the cheapest coverage available. Many models of F-150 are inexpensive to repair. Ford built many F-150s with a Military-grade aluminum bed and body panels, making them cheap to replace.

In conclusion, Ford F-150 insurance rates reflect the pickup’s overall risk, driver history, and more. Insurance companies feel confident that F-150 drivers won’t require expensive claims, so the legendary truck remains inexpensive to cover. 


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