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John Freeland’s 2000 Ford F-250 had just 5 miles on it the day he bought the pickup. Today the truck has spun its odometer and shows no sign of slowing down. How did John keep his truck on the road more than one million miles.

Blue oval Ford logo | Mark Renders via Getty Images

Careful maintenance keeps this 2000 Ford F-250 on the road

There is one thing that every car in the million-mile ranks has in common. Every vehicle that achieves ultra-high mileage has been meticulously cared for. Freeland kept detailed records of every service and fillup during his hot shot days.

Freeland credits his Ford’s longevity, in part, to using Ford replacement parts exclusively. He carefully chose manufacturer products, even down to the oil filters. Freeland spared no expense in caring for his Super Duty.

Freeland prioritized responsible maintenance of his truck. He maintains a savings account to pay for the 2000 Ford F-250’s maintenance and repair. That level of dedication to a protocol isn’t something you come across every day.

The parts that gave out before the powertrain

Ford F-250 | Luke Sharrett/Bloomberg via Getty Images

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The 2000 Ford F-250’s steering box was the only major part that had to be changed out. Freeland wore it out with his impressive milage. Other parts such as bearings and suspension elements had to be replaced as they would in any other vehicle. Aside from minor repairs, replacement of worn parts, and regular maintenance, the 21-year-old pickup has held up in top shape.

How racked up all those miles

John Freeland spent years on the road as a hotshot driver. In his line of work, he was always on-call with a freight company to pick up and deliver a wide variety of cargo. The Ford F-250 had 2500 miles on it the day he took the traveling job. During busy seasons he could log up to 10,000 miles per month.

Freeland meant the career to provide temporary income. He wanted to pay off his house quickly. For years, he stayed on the road, developing a very intimate knowledge of his Super Duty truck’s ins and outs. There are few drivers on the road today who can claim one million miles behind one truck’s wheel.

A testament to brand loyalty


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In an interview with YouTube channel PickUp Truck Plus SUV Talk, John Freeland paints a picture that demonstrates the power of multi-generational brand loyalty. John tells host Tim Esterdahl about a brand relationship years in the making.

Freeland proudly states that he has always owned Fords. His parents always owned Fords before him. He saw his friends and neighbors drive the trucks and was impressed by Ford’s reliability. Freeland proudly describes himself as a “Blue oval guy.”

Automakers would do well to pay attention to stories like John Freeland’s. By putting out a long-lasting vehicle, makers can form customer relationships that last a lifetime. Based on John’s interview, it’s clear that entire communities can form a preference for one automaker. When a truck rolls right past one million miles, it’s hard not to admire it.