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The Ford F-150 Lightning’s debut struck the automotive industry like lightning and sent shockwaves throughout the electric vehicle space. Ford’s first electric truck is finally here. The Blue Oval cleverly electrified its most popular nameplate. The demand for the F-150 Lightning is intense. This demand has led to some gnarly markups despite Ford’s many warnings to dealers. One particular markup may make some Ford Fans want to hurl.

Ford F-150 Lightning Platinum is listed for over $140,000 in gross markup

A gray 2022 Ford F-150 Lightning electric pickup truck is parked.
The 2022 Ford F-150 Lightning | Ford

The Blue Oval has warned dealers that it will not tolerate extreme dealership markups. These markups upset many potential consumers and reflect poorly on the brand, as Ford dealerships do represent the company to an extent.

Ford has threatened to cut dealer inventories to nip price markups in the bud. Still, some dealers will ignore the warnings and attempt to profit from the Lightning’s popularity with insane markups. A price markup is when an automobile dealership charges prices that are much higher than a vehicle’s original manufacturer suggested retail price.

Markups are perfectly legal. They’re just frowned upon by automobile manufacturers and consumers. Regular markups can create bad press around a particular nameplate or model. Many consumers were upset when Ford Bronco models hit eBay for as much as double their original MSRP. While it’s tough to regulate what consumers do with a vehicle purchase, automakers can be much more strict with the dealers that they supply vehicles to.

According to Ford Authority, a dealership in California listed an F-150 Lightning Platinum for an insane $145,309. The Lightning Platinum is the final trim level, but its MSRP is closer to $89,874 before additional fees. This means that the markup is upwards of $50K. You could buy an F-150 Lightning XLT with $50K after federal electric vehicle tax credits. This is the gnarliest F-150 Lightning markup the industry has seen yet.

Is this the beginning of the Ford F-150 Lightning resale market?

Ford F-150 Lightning electric pickup trucks are lined up.
Ford F-150 Lightning | Ford

Luckily for consumers (and Ford), this markup is a complete abnormality. After the Ford Bronco resale market debacle, the Blue Oval has developed countermeasures to crush an F-150 Lightning resale market from emerging. claims that Ford has Lightning buyers sign a contract prohibiting them from selling their F-150 Lightning electric pickup trucks for at least a year after purchasing them. A year is ample time for the American automaker to produce a new batch of electric trucks to meet the demand for the Lightning. If there’s no scarcity, then resellers won’t be able to charge extreme prices for the truck because of its supply.

When can you buy a Ford F-150 Lightning?

A blue 2022 Ford F-150 Lightning Pro electric pickup truck is driving on the road.
The 2022 Ford F-150 Lightning | Ford

Consumers have learned in recent years that availability doesn’t guarantee speedy delivery. Buying the Ford F-150 Lightning is just part of the battle. Having it promptly delivered with all the necessary parts could be a completely different ordeal for consumers.

Ford Bronco Buyers waited months for their off-road SUVs, and there were plenty of delivery issues. It could take months for Ford to allow consumers to reserve an electric F-150. Experts estimate that it will take at least a year for non-reservation holders to get their hands on the popular new vehicle.

Learn more about how Ford is killing the F-150 Lightning resale market in the next article below.


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