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The Ford F-150 Lightning and the Rivian R1T are both monsters in their class. The Ford F-150 Lightning is a culmination of decades of truck design and tech development coming to life. However, the Rivian R1T holds the crown for being the first production electric pickup truck and the most creative and exciting pickup truck we’ve ever seen. However, The Ford Lightning’s range numbers just came out, and they don’t look good for Rivian. 

A gray 2022 Ford F-150 Lightning is parked with its frunk open.
The 2022 Ford F-150 Lightning | Ford

What is the range on a Ford Lightning? 

Jim Farley confirmed the EPA estimated range after a leak showing the spec list window sticker of a Ford Lightning was posted to Twitter. 

The base 2022 Ford F-150 Lightning has a battery range of 230 miles, while the extended range package boosts the overall range to 320 miles, confirmed Farley. This means that the Ford Lightning can travel on a single charge for longer than the highly-anticipated Rivian R1T. 

What is the range on a Rivian R1T? 

Orange 2022 Rivian R1T driving up a hill, highlighting reasons to buy an EV in 2022
2022 Rivian R1T | Rivian

2021 Rivian R1T Vs 2021 Ford F-150: Who’s Got the Biggest Truck?

If configured with the ” large ” battery option, the Rivian R1T has 314 miles of range if configured with the “large” battery option. The Rivian came second only to the GMC Hummer EV with an impressive 329 miles of range. Ford underestimated the Lightning’s range by 20 miles. Now that the official EPA estimates are out, the Rivian looks to have been passed by the Ford. 

According to CNBC, both Hummer and Rivian have confirmed longer-range models are incoming. However, the Ford Lightning has taken its place on the podium for the time being. 

The Ford F-150 Lightning is still the most efficient electric pickup truck

Despite the Lightning’s position on the electric pickup truck range leader board, it is still the most efficient electric truck we have. 

Both the Lightning and the R1T have a combined highway and city rating of 70 MPGe, an electric vehicle range equivalent to miles per gallon. The Hummer has a rating of 47 MPGe, about 33% less than the other pickups, according to Car and Driver

Tesla is a player in all of this, too – at least, in theory. Since 2019, we have been promised a 500-mile-range Tesla Cybertruck. Here we are, four years later, and our bullet-proof, laser windshield wiper-having, 500-mile-range future mobile is nowhere to be found. I reckon we better not count that chicken until it hatches and is parked in some driveways. 

How much does the Ford Lightning cost? 

Not only does the Ford F-150 Lightning have a better range than the Rivian R1T, but it also costs considerably less. The 2022 Ford Lightning starts at about $40,000 and tops out at around $90,000. Meanwhile, Rivian just bumped the base price of the R1T up to $67,500 and can climb up to about $98,000. 

Rivian is pushing the boundaries and offering customers an electric pickup truck unlike any other on the market. However, range is still the king of EV specs, and the Rivian just lost its crown.