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The production of the Ford Lightning allows us to enjoy an exciting time in the automotive industry. The first electric truck to market is none other than the most popular truck in the entire country. Even though Ford has now delivered Lightning EV trucks to all 50 states, some changes are happening. The chip shortage causes a pair of features to be gone from this truck. Thankfully, most of us won’t miss these two items.

What are the Ford Lightning deleted features?

A blue Ford Lightning.
Ford Lightning | Getty Images

Ford no offers the option to delete the On-Board Scales and Smart Hitch from the array of towing items for this new electric truck. These items can be removed from trucks that include the Tow Technology Package.

This towing package is standard on the Platinum trim, and part of the 511A equipment group for the Lariat, Pro, and XLT trims.

What is the Onboard Scales feature of this electric pickup?

The Onboard Scales feature measures and displays the weight of the payload in the truck. This feature tells you how much weight you have in the bed of the truck. The information is displayed on the center touchscreen using a graphic representation of the truck or on a mobile phone using the FordPass app.

What is the Smart Hitch feature of the F-150 Lightning?

This feature helps customers properly load a trailer and practice safe towing. The Smart Hitch feature measures the tongue weight of a trailer being connected to the truck to help owners distribute the weight correctly.

Does the removal of these features add more to the Tow Technology Package?

A red Ford F-150 Lightning electric pickup truck is driving off-road.
The Ford F-150 Lightning | Ford

Customers that exercise this removal option get more in the Tow Technology Package of the Ford Lightning. The added items include:

  • Trailer Reverse Guidance
  • Trailer Brake Controller
  • Pro Trailer Backup Assist
  • Forward Sensing System

The Forward Sensing System is standard in this package for all trims except the Pro model, which offers it as an option. Most owners of the F-150 Lightning could enjoy the added items when they exercise the removal option.

Is the F-150 Lightning available?

Yes, Ford is making the F-150 Lightning as fast as they can. Not long ago, this truck reached enough sales and production to show it’s registered in all 50 states. This achievement happened very quickly for this electric truck.

How much does it cost to charge a Ford Lightning at home?

The Ford F-150 Lightning EV truck with a packed Mega Power Frunk
Loaded Ford F-150 Lightning EV | Ford

The average annual cost to charge the Ford F-150 Lightning EV at home is $1,107 per year. This number is based on average driving and the need to charge each night. If this truck is used as a work truck and driven several miles a day, more charging might be necessary at public charging ports.

Can you charge a Ford Lightning at a Tesla station?

Not yet, but that will change soon. There’s an adaptive for a Tesla charger with some Ford F-150 Lightning EV trucks, but the adaptor doesn’t allow charging at Tesla Supercharger stations. Tesla has promised to open these stations to other EVs soon.

Could the deleted features make the Ford Lightning better for you?

A white Ford F-150 Lightning electric pickup truck is towing a trailer.
The Ford F-150 Lightning | Ford

Possibly. The deleted two features are useful in telling owners how much weight is in their truck or trailer, but many people can estimate this number. The added features might be more useful to many drivers. Once the chip shortage ends, the Tow Technology package could include all mentioned features.

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