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Looking for a quick SUV to inject your daily drive with some fun? You don’t have to go for an exotic performance SUV. Instead, take a look at the 2023 Ford Edge ST. The Edge ST blends commendable performance into a familiar SUV package perfect for road trips, commutes, and running errands. 

Fast SUVs are having their moment, and the Edge ST is a sleeper 

The Ford Edge ST on display at an auto show. The Edge ST's performance makes it a good package.
2020 Ford Edge ST | Bloomberg via Getty Images

The Ford Edge ST is flying under the radar while performance SUVs are taking over the market. 

Sure – the Edge ST won’t keep up with new SUV models from brands like Ferrari or Lamborghini. But its unique blend of power, handling, comfort, and value makes it a compelling sleeper pick for folks who want a commute-friendly SUV with some soul. 

EcoBoost engine makes substantial power 

The centerpiece of the Edge ST’s performance is definitely its standard 2.7-liter EcoBoost V6. 

It’s the same powertrain that’s seen extensive use in the F-150. The 2.7-liter EcoBoost makes a hearty 335 horsepower and 380 pound-feet of torque. According to Car and Driver, it’s enough firepower to make the Edge ST every bit as fast as a Volkswagen Golf GTI – a model many consider the benchmark for hot hatchbacks. 

Performance brakes and all-wheel drive help the SUV get around corners 

Ford went beyond slapping a turbo V6 into a crossover and calling it a day. The Edge ST comes standard with all-wheel drive to ensure stable handling performance around corners and good grip under acceleration. The Detroit manufacturer even designed the Edge ST with upgraded brakes to help it slow down better than lower trims. 

It all comes together to make an SUV that can handle itself better than the average utility vehicle. It’s no sports car, yet it can still offer some fun to more enthusiastic drivers.  

A spacious cabin means everyday comfort

The Edge ST isn’t just a fast SUV – it’s roomy and comfortable, too. 

It benefits from being a midsize SUV that doesn’t attempt to force a third row into the situation. As a result, there’s more room for first and second-row passengers. According to Car and Driver, there’s plenty of room in both rows for adults to ride comfortably for long stretches. We’ll call that a win in an era when the back seats of crossovers tend to be a bit tight for full-grown folks.  

The Ford Edge ST starts under $50,000

Perhaps the best advantage of the Ford Edge ST is that it starts at $47,980. 

It’s no econobox, but the Edge ST offers excellent value for its mix of comfort and performance. It isn’t hard to find fast SUVs that start well over $50,000. Many are closer to the $100,000 mark, though those usually have north of 500 horsepower. 

Edge ST is fast, capable, comfortable, and handsome. For less than $50,000, it’s hard to beat.  


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