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We know that all of the automakers worldwide are dealing with component shortages related to the microchip issues over the last year. Earlier, Ford announced it might need to drop certain Bronco features as a result. Now, it has announced it is dropping the Bronco’s navigation system until further notice. It is only the latest setback for Ford’s popular SUV.

When Ford began having parts shortages over microchip production, it stopped Bronco production until the components arrived at its factories. Its deliveries were greatly affected by this decision. So Ford changed its strategy. It eyed certain non-critical components to delete, should another delay appear on the horizon. 

How long before Bronco’s navigation system returns?

2021 Ford Bronco midsize SUV prototype with a gold yellow paint color and donut doors
Ford Bronco prototype | The Ford Motor Company

Starting next month, Ford will begin building the popular SUV without the navigation system that comes with the Mid Package (222A equipment group). It was available on Big Bend, Black Diamond, Outer Banks, Wildtrak, and Badlands trim packages. The Mid Package option is standard on Badlands models with the High Package or the Lux Package. 

Ford does not say how long this deletion will be in effect. But it does say that you won’t be able to retrofit it once the navigation system returns, according to Ford Authority. This may not matter as the built-in nav system has gotten mixed reviews.

Many consider it unnecessary since we all have navigation systems through our smartphones. And while it can be handy for some, it is subscription-based. Owners do get a complimentary subscription for 90 days. But after that, you have to fork over $80 a year to Ford to keep it. That’s not a huge nick to your pocketbook, but again, you already have this function with your phone. 

How long is the wait for Broncos?

2022 Ford Bronco Sport in Hot Red Pepper
2022 Ford Bronco Sport | Ford Motor Company

Currently, there are still early reservation holders waiting for their SUVs. And on March 8, Ford stopped taking reservations for the 2022 model altogether. Orders have exceeded its production estimates for the rest of 2022. 

Production has been constrained over the molded-in color hardtops, as well as issues with the paint protection film. Also causing some grief is Ford’s allocation formula. Basically, it means that larger dealers get more Broncos than smaller ones. 

And right now, there are numerous overflow lots in and around Wayne, Michigan, where the Bronco is produced, filled with recently built trucks. So it has these SUVs with missing components to apply remedial construction for at some point soon. And all of them already have a buyer that is waiting in the wings. 

Is Ford still making the Bronco Raptor?

Front angle view of green 2022 Ford Bronco, one of the best SUVs to buy for off-road use in 2022
2022 Ford Bronco | Ford

You Should Buy a Ford Bronco Sport Instead of Waiting For the Big Ford Bronco

Already, the 2022 Bronco Raptor and Everglades have a cap on production numbers. The same goes for the H.O.S.S. 3.0 suspension system, available only on Wildtrak models. So Ford is having a very challenging time trying to juggle trims, options, and deliveries for its 2022 Bronco. 

Hey Bronco owners, do you like Ford’s navigation system? If you do, then what electronics feature would you rather see it drop instead of the nav system? Or did Ford pick the right feature to delete?