Ford Confirms Bronco Still Launching This Spring

Some good news arrived today, coming from the Ford camp. It has to do with the Bronco. Some speculated that the official vehicle reveal was going to be pushed back from Spring toward the middle or end of the year due to COVID-19 related closures of large automotive industry shows. The shows are great opportunities for manufacturers to launch a new product. However, their cancellations in the first quarter of this year left many, including the manufacturers wondering when the best timing is to introduce vehicles they still have in the pipeline. Until today’s news, those following the Bronco story had no defined timeline. 

2021 two-door Bronco
2021 Ford Bronco Two-Door

The original debut delayed

Let’s back up a bit. Toward the end of January this year, Ford said that it would do the full reveal of the Bronco in the Spring of 2020. Built on that information, many assumed the reveal would come at the North American International Auto Show in Detroit. However, the whole globe was thrown into the Coronavirus situation, and the show was canceled. That left the next logical possible reveal at the New York International Auto Show in April. Again, due to Coronavirus adjustments, this show is not going to happen in the Spring as expected. Instead, it has been postponed until August.

Since lockdowns, quarantines, or stay-at-home orders have impacted lives, Ford has taken a lot of measures to keep its own workforce safe. Ford has restricted travel, shut down plants, and told many of its employees to work from home. Once the all-clear is sounded, it is going to take some time to get the industry moving again. This has left the Bronco debut as questionable for this year at all. 

Maybe in August?

Somehow, however, leaked images of the two-door and four-door Bronco have appeared online. The leaked images keep fueling the almost palpable excitement around the vehicle. Ford is not likely to let that fervor die off. It’s already dragged the Bronco reveal out for years. But, there is a lack of large industry shows until New York in August. 

The news

Well, the folks at the Roadshow reached out to Ford about the target date for the Bronco reveal. They received a response back. Ford is sticking to its Spring timeline for the world debut. Spring already started. So, to maintain that timeline, a reveal from Ford would have to be expected anytime in the next few weeks, or even days. However, since the Coronavirus problem is still a concern, it is reasonable to speculate that a big show or event will not happen in a venue type of atmosphere with hundreds of people. It follows then that the Bronco debut will more than likely be a digital event, broadcasted live via live stream online and possibly on television as well. Think of the Tesla Cybertruck reveal without the physical audience. 

1980 Ford Bronco | Ford
1980 Ford Bronco | Ford

For those that have been following the slow roll-out of the Bronco over the last three years, the Coronavirus delays have been a cause for angst. But, today’s news that the world debut will still be this Spring will certainly assuage those fears of further delays. Friends, the Bronco is coming really soon. It is going to be okay. Take deep breaths.