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Christmas is here, and you better not forget the Ford fan in your life. There are various things you can purchase for a Ford vehicle, even if you don’t know too much about it. Check out some of the gifts and accessories below for vehicles like the Ford F-150, Mustang, and Ford Maverick truck.

Ford F-150 accessories and Christmas gift ideas

Ford F-150 accessories and Christmas gift ideas
Ford F-150 accessories and Christmas gift ideas | Ford

If you don’t have time for anything else, don’t overlook a gas gift card. Some drivers have a particular gas station that might be conveniently located. These can provide food, gas, and snacks on an upcoming road trip. Those Ford Mustangs aren’t exactly the most fuel-efficient, so a gas card is a good option.

Some other Ford F-150 truck accessories include things like a bed cover. Gator Covers are a bit expensive but have great reviews. These F-150 bed covers come in a variety of styles and sizes to fit any kind of truck. Tonneau is another excellent brand for a bed cover. More specifically, the Tyger Auto T1 Tonneau Cover. A truck bed cover would also be a good gift for the Ford Maverick driver in your life.

Other popular F-150 accessories include all-weather mats to keep the interior clean. Your truck fanatic friend might also like new mud flaps, rear-wheel liners, or a more generic vehicle cover. The Seal Skin Guaranteed Fit Truck Cover will keep your truck covered from the elements all winter long.

More Ford truck accessories and ideas

If your friend or significant other has a tow hitch, the HitchSafe Key Vault is an excellent idea. This small vault fits inside a trailer hitch, such as the one the F-150 has. Amazon has it for around $45 right now with prime shipping, which means it will arrive in time. You can store keys, cash, or whatever other small accessories you might have.

Another universal idea is a sunshade. You can get one specifically for the Ford vehicle your gift recipient might have or get a more general shape. Either way, this helps protect the dashboard and keep your personal belongings out of view.

For the dog lovers in your life, check out some seat covers or protectors. There are a variety of brands that offer water-resistant options in colors that will match the inside. These are someones called Dog Hammocks or Pet Hammocks. There are many options for the new Ford Bronco out there as these are popular new vehicles on the market.

For the adventurer in your life, check out some roof rack options


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The official Ford website has some reasonable offers, too. If your friend or significant other likes to spend time outside, there are a lot of good options. Ford offers a Yakima bicycle rack for any number of bikes. You can also pick up a roof-mounted kayaks carrier or even a two-person tent. If you are looking for any number of items like that, there are a ton of roof-mounted carriers available.

The possibilities are endless when shopping for a car lover. If all else fails, try to find a local detailer. This can get your Ford in tip-top shape and give it a new look for the new year. Facebook is a good resource for finding a local business to support.