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We here at MotorBiscuit love a van. I mean, we really love vans. However, this Ford Bronco van concept, drawn up by Samir Sadikhov, is really kind of tough to look at. On the one hand, I appreciate the gusto. But on the other, way more sensible, hand it looks like the Gambler 500’s “Joop” joke mockups, where they basically chop the nose off a Jeep Wrangler and stretch the body. It’s hard to say why exactly this overland van design is wrong, but I know for sure that it is. 

This Ford Bronco Van concept is squared off at both ends and almost wear and sort of Unimog outfit
Bronco Van Concept | Samir Sadikhov Designs

What’s going on with this Ford Bronco overland van concept? 

Expedition Portal accurately points out that the overland community loves a good van. They are practical, big, and can be really great to look at. With that in mind, designer Samir Sadikhov has rendered an overland van concept based on the Ford Bronco. This isn’t a bad idea in and of itself, but the execution isn’t quite there. 

While it’s clear to see Sadikhov’s talent for concept car renderings, in fact, he has won multiple awards for his design work and has worked for Lamborghini and Rezvani Motors, among others. 

All that being said, this design feels a bit uninspired. Again, much like the boys over a Gambler, this Bronco van feels like a fat Bronco with its nose chopped off. It feels blocky and large in the wrong ways, almost like a school bus. 

The Bronco van concept isn’t all bad

This overland van concept is modeled after a Land Rover Defender
Bronco Van Concept | Samir Sadikhov Designs

To prove we aren’t just haters, a few of his concept configurations a pretty good. The black Unimog-looking concept offers a few more hard angles that, paired with the rack lights and body armor, come off as markedly cooler than the others. 

There is also something somewhat nice and old school about the symmetrical Volkswagen-esque windows. I can see what the designer was going for in these small moments, and I’m with him. However, the whole picture doesn’t quite feel right. It’s hard to explain precisely but search your feelings; you know it to be true. 

Are there going to be new Bronco designs? 

Bronco van concpet pulling a square trailer with matching grey and white paint.
Bronco Van Concept | Samir Sadikhov Designs

We have had the pleasure of seeing many rad Ford Bronco concepts over the years. From pickup trucks to forrest ranger-inspired models and much, much more. However, I’m not sure I can recall a Bronco van concept. Maybe the jump from SUV to a pickup truck and vice versa is easier to stomach. As much as I love vans, in general, and the Ford Bronco specifically, I’m not sure we need a Bronco van just yet. 

As much as we all want to see the Ford Bronco explore the further reaches of the automotive world, I think most of us simply want to see the Bronco’s production get sorted out first. 

Many customers are told that they won’t see their order for up to a year. This is partly due to the chip shortage and Covid, but also because the hardtop roofs are having issues staying together. On top of all the setbacks and worldwide supply chain issues, the demand for the badass 4×4 is through the roof. So, before we go designing new versions of the Bronco to join the mile-long queue, let’s just focus on getting the ones we already want on the road. 


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