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This one is primarily for the ladies, but men and nonbinary folk can also enjoy it. The 2021 Ford Bronco and Sport is going to help women race in the 2021 Rebelle Rally. Do you think the Ford Bronco will help your favorite team win? 

The 2021 Ford Bronco heads to the 2021 Rebelle Rally 

The 2021 Ford Bronco in the Rebelle Rally
2021 Ford Bronco | Ford

Sorry, dudes. The Rebelle Rally is an all-woman off-road rally event. So, you can’t race, but you can still root for your favorite team and enjoy seeing where the 2021 Ford Bronco and Sport place. 

This year the rally will be held out west, in the desert. The starting line is by the Hoover Dam, and it ends at California’s Imperial Sand Dunes. It will take place in October. The competition lasts for eight days, and the event lasts for 10. 

Teams of two will navigate over obstacles to see who can reach hidden checkpoints in the most efficient way. However, they don’t get to use cell phones, GPS units, or computers. But ladies do get to use maps, a compass, and a roadbook. 

Which Bronco models are racing? 

Last year, only the Ford Bronco Sport made it to the event. This isn’t a bad thing. Based on personal experience, the Brono Sport is an excellent option for conquering off-roading obstacles. For the 2021 event, more 2021 Ford Bronco models are joining the party. 

Professional rally team Shelby Hall (driver) and Penny Dale (navigator) will use the two-door wild Wildtrak. Employees of 4Wheel Parts, an off-road accessories supplier, will pilot the four-door Badlands. The Ford Bronco Sport badlands will be piloted by pro-off-roaders Melissa Fischer and Cora Jokinen.  

The two-door Bronco and Sport will remain stock for the event. The four-door Bronco will be fitted with accessories from 4Wheel parts. The parts may provide an advantage, or but the accessories aren’t currently specified. 

Also, the Ford Bronco models will have the Ford Trail Maps, and built-in navigation will be removed. A large part of the competition involves being about to navigate through the correct route. 

Jovina Young, Ford Bronco Sport Marketing Manager, explained that the number one obstacle and the Rebelle Rally is navigation. But the terrain definitely presents challenges for the vehicles and competitive women too. This event is a great way to showcase what Broncos and off-roading women are capable of in the harshest conditions. 

What inspired the Rebelle Rally Bronco look? 

2021 Ford Bronco models for the Rebelle Rally
2021 Ford Bronco models for the Rebelle Rally | Ford

The 2021 Ford Bronco Faces Roof Related Delays

The 2021 Ford Bronco models that are racing look great. They have a black hood with white and red stripes down the sides. Also, a white silhouette of a bucking horse really makes it pop. By the way, a Bronco is a feral horse that people are trying the tame, while Mustangs are feral horses in the wild. 

Anyway, the look was inspired by the Bronco 4600. It’s a race Bronco that competes in the ULTRA4 off-road race series. It primarily uses production-spec parts, including the chassis, engine, and transmission. 

It includes portal hubs from 74 Weld, Trinton Engineering control arms, a Dana AdvanTAK e-locking differential with RCV custom half shafts, and Method Race Wheels 202 Forged Beadlock wheels wrapped in 35-inch BF Goodrich mud terrain T/A KM3 tires. 

Remember to check back in October to see who wins the Rebelle Rally. The Ford Broncos could win, and they could get fail to cross the finish line. It all depends on how they are handled and if they can tackle the terrain.