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The Ford Bronco is the main contender against the Jeep Wrangler, which has ruled the boxy 4×4 world for decades. As more Broncos hit the road, we see more aftermarket and Ford factory accessories on the popular 4×4. Ford already offered over 200 accessories from the factory, but now Ford Authority has found accessories patents filed by Ford that seem to be coming for the Bronco. 

2021 Ford Bronco with roof and doors taken off
2021 Ford Bronco | Ford

What accessories can you get for the Ford Bronco? 

There are literally hundreds of accessories for the Ford Bronco. The Bronco could never step up to the Jeep Wrangler without tons of customization options. Now, after two years of production, Ford Authority has found what looks like patents for more accessories. 

One of the more unique features found in this patent filing is a set of redundant controls by which someone could operate the vehicle without being in the driver’s seat. Another handy feature the Bronco already has is its Trail Sight system. This allows drivers to gauge a section of trail before driving it. However, this feature can be annoying in daily driving. This new feature would allow the trail sight system to be retractable. 

The list of new Bronco accessories goes on and on. One of the more fun features we’ve ever heard of is the addition of roof-mounted chairs. Yes, it’s exactly what it sounds like, a chair that mounts to the roof of the Ford Bronco. The patent schematics also show mounting the chair to the Bronco even with the roof off. There are plans for adding heating, device charging, and speakers to the roof chair. 

Does the Bronco have more accessories than the Wrangler? 

Ford Bronco roof chair patent schematic
Ford Bronco roof chair patent | Ford

It’s hard to say. The aftermarket for Jeeps spans decades. There is a seemingly endless supply of aftermarket Jeep accessories. However, the Ford Bronco might have the Wrangler beat on factory accessories and options. 

Part of what makes this new list of Bronco accessories exciting is certainly the new features like the roof chair or even handles with screens in them. However, it’s not just crazy new tech that Ford Authority found in this patent filing; there are also some classics that are just now making their way to the Bronco. The Ford Bronco will likely get a spotlight, tube doors, proximity sensors, various other external lights, and other recognizable accessories. 

Will all of these Bronco accessories be available? 

While many of them most certainly will, there are a few that shouldn’t shock Bronco fans if they never happen. One of the patents is for a table and chairs that come with Bronco. There is even one patent for a bed. These accessories feel like a much larger undertaking than adding some exterior lighting options or improved ladder/sand recovery boards. 

So far, Ford has done an amazing job of listening to what 4×4 owners and fans want and actually giving it to them. The Ford Bronco is an icon, and it seems that Ford truly understands this and is working hard to cement its place as a 4×4 icon alongside the Land Rover Defend and the Jeep Wrangler.