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The 2021 Ford Bronco and 2022 Ford Maverick are popular vehicles hitting the market this year. The Pirelli Scorpion ATR is a new tire created for Ford vehicles appropriate for off-road adventures and whatever else you might throw at it. What sets this Pirelli tire apart from any other tire? It went through rigorous testing to be sure it could stand up to mud, dirt, highways, and even snow.

The trifecta: The Ford Bronco, Ford Maverick and Pirelli tires

Pirelli Created Brand New Tire for the Ford Bronco & Ford Maverick
Pirelli Created Brand New Tire for the Ford Bronco & Ford Maverick | Beata Zawrzel/NurPhoto via Getty Images

A new lineup of versatile trucks requires a new versatile tire. Modern Tire Dealer reports that Pirelli made the new Scorpion ATR explicitly for the F-150, new Bronco, and new Maverick trucks. “The request was to develop an all-terrain tire with high off-road capabilities – able to combine the typical performance, handling, and comfort characteristics of an all-season tire,” a Pirelli official said. To do that, Pirelli focused on the tread pattern and compound.

The 2022 Ford Maverick is known for being a compact truck that is easier to handle. The 2021 Ford Bronco is an off-road vehicle as much as it is an on-road vehicle. In both instances, a unique tire was appropriate. The tread design was made to reduce tire noise but also be suitable for off-road. Designed for “optimal water, mud, and stone evacuation,” which sounds impressive.

To offer such a versatile tire, Pirelli used new technology to develop the tread. The company used simulation and engineering tools to test the tires throughout the development process. Pirelli says this also allowed the use of fewer tires throughout the testing phase.  

Are Pirelli Scorpion tires any good?

The Pirelli Scorpion ATR first appeared late last year on the new Ford F-150. Pirelli and Ford said this was part of the rollout of the tire, which is ready for use on the new Bronco and Maverick. The tire offers excellent reliability and safe performance. Pirelli calls the versatile tire a “hybrid” for its ability to excel both on and off-road.

The tires also offer better braking and handling, plus work in the snow. With something like the Ford Bronco, the tire’s versatility gives owners the ability to go on and off-road at any time.

Off-road trucks and SUVs are in


The 2022 Ford Maverick Won’t Go Over $37k With Every Added Spec

The Ford Bronco is highly customizable, which makes it even more popular with buyers. It comes in various configurations like engine, transmission, two-door, four-door, and roof options. Plus, it’s brand new again this year, and people are obsessed.

As far as the Ford Maverick, this new light-duty truck is leading the pack. Its small size is supposed to make it easier to drive and park without sacrificing some of the benefits of a truck. Most of the trucks can tow and have enough room in the bed to get the job done. This is a good option for those who need the interior of an SUV with the body of a truck. Plus, the Ford Bronco is hard to get ahold of these days. No matter which Ford vehicle piques your interest, the Pirelli has the right tire for it. Multi-purpose off-road trucks and SUVs are here to stay.