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Most Ford Bronco owners agree that driving this new SUV is a satisfying experience. Even the standard trim packs plenty of off-roading equipment, especially if you splurge a little on the Sasquatch package. The new Ford Bronco Raptor features the most potent engine, the highest towing capacity, and a high-performance off-road suspension.

Unfortunately, the new Ford Bronco has also been plagued by several production delays thanks to the pandemic and other factors. To keep reservation holders happy over the years, the Blue Oval has sent them some exclusive Bronco-related swag. Our favorite item is a set of unique playing cards.

The new Ford Bronco suffered a rocky release

Ford Bronco playing cards
A new Ford Bronco on display at the 2021 Chicago Auto Show | Scott Olson/Getty Images

The 2021 Ford Bronco was supposed to be released in 2020, but the semiconductor chip shortage delayed production. Additionally, the automaker was having trouble securing the right hard tops for the Bronco. The initial batch from Webasto apparently had a lot of design flaws, so they had to be scrapped and remade completely.

In addition, severe weather shut down plants several times, halting production of several Ford models. Last winter, the Ambassador Bridge blockade hampered the Bronco’s production yet again. As demand increased and manufacturing slowed, Ford prematurely stopped 2022 Ford Bronco orders entirely.

Ford said that many reservation holders would get their vehicles by May 2022, but some customers have experienced extended wait times. According to Ford Authority, customers won’t even be able to order a 2023 Ford Bronco. Instead, the Blue Oval is focusing on fulfilling existing reservations.

2022 Ford Bronco customers are getting all-weather playing cards

As a token of appreciation, Ford is sending out special decks of playing cards to Bronco reservation holders and owners. The cards are reportedly weather-resistant, an homage to the Ford Bronco’s rugged character. Unique art adorns the joker and face cards, according to an unboxing video from TheRealCobraBurnout, who said of his reserved Bronco: “I probably can’t afford it once it finally gets built.”

The deck comes sealed in a plastic case nestled inside a box with a desert-themed background. On the inside of the lid is a short letter from the Ford Bronco team thanking customers for their purchase. It also explains that inside the deck are rules for Broncos Wild, a special card game that Ford concocted.

The outside of the box bears a black label with the Ford Bronco logo. It also highlights the Bronco’s 57 years of production and touts the slogan “For adventures unpaved and well-played.”

Several decks have already shown up for sale on eBay for around $30 to $50.

Other gifts the automaker has sent customers


<strong>New Ford Bronco Models Sustain Hail Damage During Shipment Causing Further Delays</strong>

The new card deck is just one example of the free swag that Ford Bronco owners have received. Last year, Ford Authority reported that 2021 Bronco reservation holders got surprise care packages in the mail. 

Most of them included a letter from the Bronco team and a poster with the new model’s design sketches. A few buyers also received a special diecast toy Bronco set. It included a red Ford Bronco Sport Badlands, a yellow two-door Bronco Badlands, and a gray four-door Bronco Wildtrak.

For customers who experienced orders delays due to the roof issues, Ford also provided extensions on FordPass rewards. For every dollar spent on a Ford vehicle, buyers receive points they can spend on accessories or maintenance. Bronco buyers could be awarded up to 200,000 FordPass points, worth $1,000.

The automaker locked in the price of each customer’s Bronco order, even if it had to be converted to a 2022 model. Ford also handed out free Bronco headliners and vouchers for off-road driving classes.

Delays for any car can be frustrating, especially for a highly anticipated model like the Bronco. Still, it’s comforting to know Ford takes extra steps to please fans.