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The new Ford Bronco heralds the return of a beloved American icon to today’s car sales. With its eye-catching retro look and capable off-roading chops, the new Bronco is getting great reviews and accolades from all over the industry. In addition to standard looks and performance, the new Bronco offers standard four-wheel drive and tons of great features. All of this makes the Bronco an excellent vehicle for those who frequently travel with their dogs.

The new Ford Bronco has everything a dog lover needs in a vehicle with its durable seats, cargo features, rear air vents, and more. We’ll tell you why the four-door Bronco is ideal for those who take their dogs with them wherever they go.

History of the Ford Bronco

The 2021 Ford Bronco 4-Door model exterior side shot parked on a dirt road
The 2021 Ford Bronco 4-Door model | Ford Media Center

The first Ford Bronco was a 1966 model, and it quickly became a symbol of adventure on all types of terrain. Those first Broncos offered a post-hole digger, a citizen band radio, power take-off, and an auxiliary gas tank. Produced for five generations across three decades, it gradually increased in size from a small SUV to dimensions comparable to the Ford F-150.

By the 90s, the roof of the Bronco wasn’t removable, and it was less like a truck, to the disappointment of many Bronco fans. In 1996, Ford decided to discontinue the famous vehicle. The last one rolled off the line in June of that year in Michigan. The Expedition took its place to provide stiff competition for the Chevy Tahoe. The retirement of the Bronco was also arguably influenced by one of the last models being infamously driven by O.J. Simpson just before his arrest.

The resurrected Bronco has everything that made the original vehicle great. Some will grumble that there’s no V8 engine available. However, they’ll love the option of a manual transmission along with several other nostalgic features.

One of the best cars for dog lovers

Recently, Autotrader published a list of the 10 best cars for dog lovers, and the 2021 Ford Bronco made it on the list. 

When it comes to vehicles that work well for dog lovers, the team at Autotrader explained that durable seats in faux leather, leather, and vinyl are a necessity. They can withstand claws, wear, and tear. It also makes them easy to clean. 

They stressed the importance of good cargo features and tinted windows to keep heat levels down in cargo areas where dogs frequently ride. They also favored low cargo floors, making it easy for four-legged friends to enter and exit a vehicle.

Additionally, the Bronco has a removable top that was a favorite feature of earlier models. Just make sure your canine friend is safe and secure if you decide to take the top off.

Only one other vehicle did better than the Ford Bronco


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Only the 2021 Chrysler Pacifica minivan was placed above the new Ford Bronco as the best vehicle for dog owners. A Pacifica model with the Stow ‘n Go feature has folding second and third-row seats that quickly tuck into the floor. Combined with a low loading floor, that makes it an ideal vehicle for those who ride with dogs of all sizes. Additionally, as a minivan, there’s plenty of room for canine friends to be comfortable and have good ventilation. An optional Stow’n Vac vacuum feature is also available as an onboard vacuum that makes cleaning up all that hair easy.

Still, the 2021 Ford Bronco, particularly the four-door model, is an excellent choice for those who frequently take their dogs with them. It offers refined performance, exceptional handling capability, and a great riding experience for your dog.