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Will we say bon voyage to the Ford Bronco? Maybe. Europe hasn’t decided if they want the Ford Bronco yet. Currently, it’s a North American exclusive as Ford toys with the idea of sending it to other countries. 

Is the Ford Bronco going to Europe? 

2021 Ford Bronco at the Off-Roadeo school
2021 Ford Bronco at the Off-Roadeo school | Ford

The Ford Bronco might go to Europe. But this decision is up to the Ford guys in, well, you guessed it, Europe. Ford CEO Jim Farley shared that he’s waiting for the team over there to make up their minds. 

Recently, a spokesperson from Ford Gemerany mentioned that the SUV is specifically designed for the North American market. They also shared that Ford didn’t have any plans to import the SUV into foreign markets. 

But Jim Farley believes the Bronco would be an incredible success in European markets. For example, the all-American Jeep Wrangler is a popular option. Also, the Ford Mustang models with V8s and the Mach-E are doing well. 

What problems does the Bronco face for Europe? 

Some European countries have stricter emission standards. This means that the Ford Bronco would have to gain a hybrid model or a gasoline particulate filter. Jeep is already ahead of the game with 4xe hybrid models. 

Plus, we can’t forget about the production issues plaguing the Bronco. Tongs of deliveries for American customers are currently delayed. On top of that, the Ford Bronco Raptor will be arriving soon, and it could complicate things. 

The ability to reserve a Bronco online is currently paused. This decision was made due to the high amount of two and four-door model orders and current commodity constraints. It may make sense for Ford to correct these issues before growing its market. 

Customers are encouraged to work directly with their Ford dealer. They can assist with the ordering process, delivery timing expectations, and build specifications. Dealers can possibly guide a customer to models that have already been constructed or scheduled. 

You can still order a Ford Bronco model directly from a dealership, but you will have to wait until sometime in 2022 for it to be delivered. So, if the Bronco does head to Europe, it probably won’t be available for a while. 

Can the Bronco compete in Europe? 

Gray 2021 Land Rover Defender driving by large boulders
2021 Land Rover Defender | Land Rover

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The Ford Bronco probably wouldn’t be offered in right-hand drive. But European dealers may not be equipped to import left-hand drive models for customers. This could weaken the appeal. 

Jim Farley suggests that the Ford Bronco could compete against the Land Rover Defender. They are about the same size with a boxy look and high ground clearance height for off-roading. But the Defender offers a bit more passenger space. 

The Defender begins at about $47,700, while the Ford Bronco starts at about $28,500. But the Land Rover is a luxury option. Also, the Defender has more engine options, including a V8 and hybrid powertrain. 

It seems like the Bronco has some catching up to do against both the Defender and the Jeep Wrangler. But perhaps the upcoming Ford Bronco Raptor will address a few of its shortcomings. That is, of course, if production remains on track.