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Ford’s continuing problems getting new Broncos out to customers adds another layer of not-so-good to the whole mess. Now, it is going back on combining 2022 Bronco price protection and having orders changed to available trims. It amounts to an extra $5,095 that those that reserved a 2022 Bronco cannot apply to their 2023 build. Frustration continues for reservationists.

Why did Ford have 2023 Bronco price protection?

Red 2023 Ford two-door Bronco
2023 Ford Bronco | Ford

The issue is over two separate offers to orders for 2022 and 2023 Broncos. Ford’s first offer was its Model Year Transition Private Offer price or MYTPO protection guarantee. Catchy, no? Anyway, it worked to keep prices the same for those having reserved a 2022 model and expecting to have it delivered as a 2022 Bronco.

Because Ford couldn’t keep up with demand, many of those 2022 Bronco orders became 2023 Bronco orders. But this year, Ford realized it would have a hard time fulfilling those shifted orders along with many of the 2023 reservations it was receiving. So at that point, Ford issued a new offer, called OMPO for Order Modification Private Offer. 

What is Ford’s “Owner Modification Private Offer?”

Blue 2023 Ford Bronco off-road
2023 Ford Bronco | Ford

The way the new and improved offer works is those with reservations can apply $2,500 to switch to a different Bronco trim that is not on hold over component unavailability. Or, it can apply to a different Ford vehicle entirely. At the time, Ford representatives said the two offers could be combined, according to Car and Driver

A Ford spokesperson said, “Customers who remove constrained features are expected to receive a 2023 model year Bronco along with a $2,500 rebate toward purchase or lease, in addition to existing MSRP price protection they may have.” And at Ford’s website, the automaker includes, “You will receive two separate certificates, one for the amount you were previously eligible for under the 2023 Model Year Transition Private Offer, and one for the amount you are eligible for with the Bronco Order Modification Private Offer.” 

Why doesn’t Ford honor its 2023 Bronco offers?

Yellow 2023 Ford Bronco
2023 Ford Bronco | Ford

In other words, the two offers combined seemed like a fairly straightforward process. Look up the word “combined” if you’re still confused. But surfing through several Bronco forums supports the news that Ford is not honoring both rebates. Dealers and regional reps have attempted to resolve the combined offers hiccup without success. So this isn’t an issue at the dealer level.

And Ford Customer Service says it can’t help, according to several forum posters. So the problem goes all of the way up to Dearborn. The total amount of savings should be $5,095, with the MYPTO slicing $2,500 off and the OMPO an additional $2,595. 

Has Ford done this before?

Green 2023 Ford Bronco
2023 Ford Bronco | Ford

If this drama sounds familiar, that’s because Ford has done this before. It offered a private cash offer and price protection with the F-150 Lightning. But buyers found dealers wouldn’t accept the offers combined. 

It’s hard to suggest what Bronco reservation holders can do at this point. Ford is obviously aware of the discrepancy, yet there are no moves to stand behind their very public offers. Maybe if all reservationists canceled their orders and bought a Jeep Wrangler Ford might pay attention. What would you suggest those with Bronco orders do?


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