For the Best Value, Pick the Honda Fit Over the Mini Cooper

Admittedly, there is nothing like driving a Mini Cooper. The Mini is pretty much the chicest compact car you can buy that’s ideal city driving. However, practicality is not the Mini’s strong suit, which can make it less appealing to some buyers. If you are looking for a compact car that’s big on value, it’s worth pursuing the Honda Fit instead.

What makes the Honda Fit a great compact option?

An orange 2020 Honda Fit EX-L driving around the city.
2020 Honda Fit EX-L | Honda

The Honda Fit is one of the better options in the compact car class because it’s versatile, efficient, and reliable. This compact has a remarkable fuel economy rating with a combined 33 mpg which also makes it a good choice for city driving. And for such a tiny car, the Fit is pretty spacious on the inside. Plus, it’s the type of car that’s good to buy new or used. 

How the Fit performs compared to the Mini 

The 2020 Fit comes with a 1.5-liter four-cylinder engine and the Mini Cooper comes with 1.5-liter three-cylinder. Neither of these cars is known for its power, but the Mini has more performance options available. In addition to its fuel efficiency, the Fit’s main selling point performance-wise is its nimble handling.

U.S. News has specifically praised the Honda Fit for its playful performance, which is reminiscent of the Mini Cooper. Furthermore, U.S. News actually named the Honda Fit as the best subcompact car in 2020 and the Mini Cooper is the next runner up. The Fit also has a significantly lower starting price compared to the Mini.

On the inside of the Fit


The Honda Fit Is the Most Awarded Car of the Decade According to U.S. News

Throughout the years, the Honda Fit has also been celebrated for its attractive car cabin. Its standard cloth upholstery is pleasant and you have the option to upgrade to leather if you would like. For the most part, this value buy offers high-quality trimmings and it’s not too heavy on the plastic.

Unlike the 2020 Mini Cooper, the 2020 Fit comes with more desirable in-car electronics. Base Fit models come with a 5-inch infotainment display and Bluetooth, but it’s worth going up to the Sport trim which includes a bigger touchscreen display, larger stereo, Apple CarPlay, and Android Auto. The Fit also offers many advanced safety features at an affordable price. 

Some downsides to consider

The common complaints associated with the Honda Fit are consistent with other models in the compact class. As we mentioned earlier, the Fit’s engine isn’t its primary strength and it gets loud at higher speeds. The Fit’s seats are also on the firmer side so some passengers might find it problematic for long drives. 

Overall, the Fit is still a good choice 

Even though the Fit has some downsides, it’s still a fun ride that is ideal for city commutes. The Fit has also earned great reliability scores based on Consumer Reports data. Not to mention, the Fit is versatile and tech-savvy.