For Stripped-Down Style, You Need The Pandur Trike

If the Romanian designer of a car/bike trike with adaptable tires began manufacturing this one-man trike would you buy one? It looks like it would be a ton of fun. This is the Pandur and it was designed by Lucian Popescu of Timisoara, Romania. Because the Romanian terrain is mostly hills and mountains concept cars like the Pandu make perfect sense. If a stripped-down style is what you want you need the Pandur trike. 

There are a lot of do-able parts to the Pandur trike

Pandur concept trike | LP

Since this is pretty much blue-sky conceptualization it may border on a bit of whimsy. But there are a lot of do-able parts to the concept. Being so stripped down it would be lightweight and easy to maneuver as long as the battery-powered system doesn’t weigh it down. 

The aluminum frame holds a seat that is integrated with the headlights and also acts as a splash guard. It continues to the rear tire where it functions in a similar fashion. So the one component provides several functions. That adds to the simplicity and should save costs, too. Access is provided by the body or cowling pivoting up by hand. 

Two control sticks are held in each hand to control turning the trike

With the driver strapped in the cowling can be swiveled back down to surround the driver. Gauges and switches are visible just under this cowl. The driver controls two pedals for stop and acceleration with his or her feet. Two control sticks are held in each hand to control turning. As the driver leans into the turn and pulls on the right or left stick the turn is completed. . It is similar to a number of existing vehicles. For the protection of the driver from bugs and debris, the body has been designed to direct air up and over the driver. 

Pandur’s power is handled by two front wheels containing the battery system


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The electrical power is handled by two front wheels containing the battery system. As the wheels turn they also charge. The electric motor is in the rear and drives the larger rear wheel. The tires also can change shape and dynamics by the use of hydraulic pumps when activated. This adapts the trike to different terrain.

How these dynamic tires and their hydraulic system work is a little vague. We’re not sure there is much reality connected with the tire adaptation but why not stretch the mind to stimulate ideas? Even without the changing tires, it’s a fun concept.

You can see more of Popescu’s concept here.