For Once, the 2020 Mitsubishi Mirage Isn’t the Technically the Worst

When it comes to subcompact sedans and choosing which ones are the best to buy, you’re not likely to think of the Mitsubishi Mirage. It’s usually on the list to avoid. However, MotorTrend found a place for it on a list of the best, small, cheap sedans to buy. Here’s a brief overview of the Mirage, why they placed the Mirage on their list, and what other cars also landed on their radar. 

A brief overview of the Mitsubishi Mirage

We know the Mitsubishi Mirage to be a tiny car, but it’s more known for its lack of performance. A car with decent fuel economy like this one only has a 1.2-liter three-cylinder engine that can only put out 78 hp. There’s hardly enough power to drive down the highway or to pass other vehicles on the road. 

Acceleration times are just a joke with the Mirage. It takes 11.7 seconds to go from 0 to 60 mph, which is far slower than pretty much all of its rivals. It’s definitely not a speedster and would hardly make it around the racetrack in a lap done just for fun. 

Also, the Mitsubishi Mirage lacks severely in the feature department. It doesn’t have a whole lot for you to use or play with for the price you end up paying for it. Basically, they offer you the bare minimum in order to keep costs down. 

Why is the Mitsubishi Mirage even on this list?

While it’s one of the last vehicles most people would recommend to others, we find it in the last spot on MotorTrend’s list. Why? Well, for two main reasons. One is the Mitsubishi Mirage’s fuel economy ratings. This tiny car can get 43 mpg on the highway despite having a weak engine. That’s quite a bit more than some of the other subcompact cars in the class. 

The other reason is that Mitsubishi has one of the best warranties on the market. Considering how unreliable we have known the Mirage to be in the past, you might just need this fantastic warranty. For the price the Mirage is selling at, the warranty would be worth it, but the jury’s out on the car yet. 

But, it’s interesting that we find the Mirage on this list when other cars, we would usually recommend to others, like the Honda Fit and the Chevy Spark, are nowhere to be seen. The reason behind that is probably because the Mirage gets better gas mileage than the Fit and the Spark. 

What other subcompact sedans can you find on this list?


How Safe Is the Mitsubishi Mirage?

The No. 1 rated subcompact sedan was the Kia Rio. This handsome little car sports a high-quality interior, well-built structure, and responsive steering and handling. Its 1.6-liter inline-four engine coupled with a continuously variable transmission allows it to get 41 mpg on the highway. The base price falls in the $16,800 range, which is a great value for what you get. 

The No. 3 subcompact sedan listed is the Toyota Yaris. This tiny car has great exterior looks, expensive-looking interior, and a decent list of standard features. It sports a 1.5-liter four-cylinder engine that enables it to get 39-40 mpg on the highway. The base price comes in at $16,600. But Toyota isn’t planning on sending any more our way after this year. 

As for the others on the list, MotorTrend opted to add the Chevy Sonic with its 138 hp motor, the Nissan Versa, with its inexpensive base model, and the Hyundai Accent. 

By no means is anyone saying that the Mitsubishi Mirage is the best subcompact car to choose. It is, however, an OK alternative should you want to buy a subcompact car for a good price. If a lack of power isn’t an issue for you, consider the Mirage when you go for a test drive.